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Last Long Run (for a few weeks anyway)

Today was the last long run prior to the Napa Valley Marathon (which is in two weeks). Forecasts of heavy winds altered my route from the Cherry Creek Trail to the South Platte Trail (where I have a nice 16 mile Light Rail run mapped out). It sort of worked! The first few miles were a little slow and also very easy. I wanted to keep my heart rate under… Read More »Last Long Run (for a few weeks anyway)

Pre Week Part 2: Another Running Hero

Frank Shorter Some time ago, it was Pre Week and as Pre was kind of a hero, I spent a little time recalling some others, namely Jim Ryun, Al Ruffner, assorted college studs and Jack Bachelor. I couldn’t possibly remember heroes without recalling a biggie in my running life: Frank Shorter. I have four Shorter memories (and a few longer ones – pun intended …). First memory is sitting… Read More »Pre Week Part 2: Another Running Hero

A quick update: Garmin Rules!

As per the usual, a ring of the doorbell – I answer – no one is there. A package, however, sits ever so nicely below the welcome mat, sticking out just enough to be seen. In it is my brand new Garmin Forerunner 405. They (Garmin) replaced my faulty watch and did the whole thing in less than a week. In a retail world where customer service and consumer focus… Read More »A quick update: Garmin Rules!

Man vs. Computer: Round 2

Subtitle: “Watson come quickly! Oh yeah, you can’t!!!”  Today is the final round for Watson vs. the human guys (Ken Jennings and Brad Mutter) on Jeopardy. The IBM computer is soundly whipping both humans at the left brain, data regurgitation that is the Jeopardy game. As a human, I find the whole thing completely and utterly disgusting. Talk about a stacked competition…. Anyway, long story short, I decided to strike… Read More »Man vs. Computer: Round 2

Any Way You Look At It..

Okay, I am a little proud, but nonetheless, any way you look at it 74 miles is a pretty good week. The last time I logged that many was August of 2000 when I had an 84 mile week. Earlier in 2000, 70+ weeks were commonplace. That was then, this is now. Three weeks until the Napa Valley Marathon. I’m feeling pretty good about being able to finish at this… Read More »Any Way You Look At It..

Shattered Phone. Dreams Still Intact. Three Weeks and Counting!

Upon awaking tomorrow morning, there will be three weeks until the Napa Valley Marathon. I ran my third and probably last 20 mile run this morning in preparation for the race. I’ll have 74 miles for this week, will match that next week (throwing in a 16 miler) and then taper it down. Getting psyched. Today’s run began sluggish, picked up nicely in the middle and finished as a bio… Read More »Shattered Phone. Dreams Still Intact. Three Weeks and Counting!

Hurry Home 405!

I sent my Garmin Forerunner 405 off to Garmin land for repair today and I won’t see it for a couple of weeks. I do this with great trepidation knowing that I must go it alone for a while. I love my Garmin for a multitude of reasons: 1) it gives incredibly accurate information and feedback from my runs. 2) I am able to download my runs to Garmin Connect… Read More »Hurry Home 405!

Winter Running Tips OR How the C.A.T. System Saved Me Again!

It almost happened on today’s run. A storm blew in early this morning and we received about 3 inches of snow. Once again the roads were snow packed, slippery and just plain pretty messy.  “Three inches,” you say, “that’s nothing.” In the big winter storm picture, you would be right.  Here in Colorado, however, I would rather get two feet than two to six inches. When snow is measured in… Read More »Winter Running Tips OR How the C.A.T. System Saved Me Again!

Was There Some Game On Today?

The results are in…. it was a great weekend for sports. Well…. my sport. Shalane Flanagan dominates at the US Cross Country Championships, Jenny Simpson shows great early season form at the New Balance Grand Prix, Russell Brown whips a field of elite milers and Brent Vaughn shows daring and toughness in San Diego. And the best part was we could watch all of it (and several other races to… Read More »Was There Some Game On Today?

Pressing On…

This is supposed to be a build up week at roughly 65 miles. Last week was “recovery.”  I carefully placed the word recovery in quotes because, as is often the case, last weeks recovery week was the time when the downside of the three previous weeks reared its ugly head. What I mean by that is that last week, the dents and dings began showing up. A slightly sore hip… Read More »Pressing On…