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October 2011

Got Empathy?

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At the National Association of Realtors Convention in Orlando several years ago, Daniel Pink (author of “A Whole New Mind”) had the members of his audience do an experiment. We placed our index finger on our foreheads and drew a capital letter E. Whether we drew it to read ourselves or to be read by others said something about our ability to empathize with others. Two-thirds of the audience showed… Read More »Got Empathy?

The Peaceful Place

I’m finding that my running, in the past few weeks, is in kind of a peaceful place. While I’m not actually training for anything in particular, I am most definitely training. My log shows the last five weeks at an average of 70 miles a week. The pace varies, according to how I’m feeling any particular day. The only time Mr. Garmin is turned on is when I’m exploring a… Read More »The Peaceful Place

From the words of Dean…

“The marathon mercilessly rips off the outer layers of our defenses and leaves the raw human, vulnerable and naked. It is here you get an honest glimpse into the soul of an individual. Every insecurity and character flaw is open and on display for all the world to see. No communication is ever more real, no expression ever more honest. There is nothing left to hide behind. The marathon is… Read More »From the words of Dean…

I’m Sorry, Tim Tebow, But I Just Don’t Care!

Tim Tebow Facebook and Twitter are lit up! All of my friends are talking about it…. Tim Tebow led the big comeback yesterday and the Broncos ALMOST won (actually isn’t it only a real comeback if you win?)! Is it Tebow time? I don’t know, but I will say this: Here we go again. I will also say this: it doesn’t much matter to me. It’s not that I don’t… Read More »I’m Sorry, Tim Tebow, But I Just Don’t Care!

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs. And Thanks!

I’m typing this on my Macbook with my iPhone sitting nearby. In the office sits my 24″ iMac, tall, like the guardian to the gates (no pun intended) of my speaking business. I owe it all to Steve Jobs. Basically, I switched from being a Windows PC sort of guy to being an OS Mac kind of guy because of the iPhone. It seemed so simple, worked so effortlessly and… Read More »Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs. And Thanks!

Somebody Stop Me!

I just began reading Dean Karnazes book “Ultra Marathon” last night and think I am in severe trouble. This morning I went to and then listened to podcasts on of Dean and Mike Wardian on my run. If that wasn’t bad enough, prior to writing this post, I seriously considered entering the Greenland 50K, held next May here in Colorado. The only thing that saved me was registration… Read More »Somebody Stop Me!