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Being More in 2024 (Wow, that rhymes…)

January is typically a moderately slow month for me, so THIS January I decided to do something a little different. Did I go to Fiji to relax? Italy? The Sahara Desert? Ah, no, no and no. I decided to spend three days with Tony Robbins in the Time to Rise Summit.

Time to Rise was a three day Virtual class that lasted three hours a day. AND because we were such great students (and they wanted to sell more registrations to Unleash the Power), we were given a bonus fourth day. Now, I’ve seen Tony in person, and I have to confess that while it isn’t close to the same experience online, it was still great. 

Four days, three hours a day, can deliver a plethora of information bits. What I’d like to do is share five (5) of my favorite ones; the ones that grabbed MY attention.

1. We are no longer an information society. In fact, there is SOOOO much information (both true and false), that information has become all about attention. How can I get your attention to deliver my information. Youtube has become a Click Bait universe. If I want you to watch my information, hear my viewpoint, sell my stuff, I have to GET your attention. The result of this phenomenon, is outrageous headlines designed to bait you into clicking (therefore Click Bait – tricky, huh?).  The quote that tied this together for me was “Stand guard at the door of your mind.”

2. Leaders have a mandate. It is to:
     a. See things as they are, not worse
     b. Then see it better
     c. Then make it the way you see it
We needed A LOT of America’s leadership to hear that one.

3. To make progress is to experience happiness. We are designed to GROW.  Taking action is the key. If the Path is whatever it is, being active on it, moving, becomes the goal. It’s PROGRESS that counts. “You are not supposed to sit at the table of happiness too long.”

4. Life is about taking action. We can have goals, we can repeat affirmations, we can prime the pump of progress as much as we want. But affirmation without action is delusion.”

5. This one just got me, “The answer is waiting for your arrival.”

I suppose you, like me, have heard most of this before. But maybe you, like me wouldn’t mind hearing/reading it again. So there!