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January 2013

What Are Your Basics?

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Yesterday, I ran an easy 12 miles with my step son-in-law (is that a real thing?), Brian. It was his first double digit run and actually his first longer than eight miles. His job was to run. My job was to make sure he made it and did so comfortably enough to be chomping at the bit for the next one. I’ll cut you to the chase, he made it.… Read More »What Are Your Basics?

How’s Your Handwriting?

I finally picked up my running log for 2013. Luckily, I found one at Barnes and Noble, so I didn’t have to send away for one like last year. Yep, it’s a real live grab-the-pen and write in it log. And yep, I know there are a multitude of websites where I can log and track my miles (in fact, I use one: I simply prefer the written log… Read More »How’s Your Handwriting?

Wayne Gretzky and Customer Service

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“Don’t think, React!” That was the daily advice of my Junior High School basketball coach, Mr. Korwin. He believed that if we spent too long pondering the next move on the court, we would be prone to mistakes, indecisiveness, and poor judgment. For us, gangly eighth graders, it may well have been excellent advice. Better advice might have been to learn to be proactive rather than reactive. Being proactive means we’re taking… Read More »Wayne Gretzky and Customer Service

My Favorite Movies of 2012

Picture is a spoiler Alert Can’t say I saw every movie produced in 2012, but I saw quite a few (Thanks, for discount theaters). I’m sure that some that I didn’t see will score high with the “experts” and many will win awards. But, a man can only rate what he has seen, so here is my top ten (ranked by enjoyability – a very SUBjective ranking)…..10. Trouble With The Curve. Clint Eastwood… Read More »My Favorite Movies of 2012

What is a Goal, Anyway?

Mine must be the Red ones. The question, as I ponder my lack of goal achievement in 2012, is what is a goal, anyway?  According to one of the many only dictionaries available, a goal is “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.” I like that definition because it targets “achievement toward which effort is directed.” I think that means if I’m making the effort toward my goals, even… Read More »What is a Goal, Anyway?

Technology vs. Old School People Skills and The Pallet

Technology is moving at a break neck speed. New gadgets, designed to save mankind from the discomforts of life, are developed daily (maybe hourly). Some things, however, remain as they have for years, decades, even centuries. One such example of an old idea that technology has yet to improve is the common pallet. Pallets have been around and been pretty much unchanged since the peak of the second industrial revolution, leading into… Read More »Technology vs. Old School People Skills and The Pallet