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May 2015

You’ve Got Money!

Imagine that after checking to see what you can expect when you retire and estimated what your minimum required distributions from your retirement accounts will be, you’ve discovered that you’re not going to have enough retirement income to cover your living expenses. Ideally, it would be perfect if the extra money you need would just come to your mailbox each month with the same certainty as your social security… Read More »You’ve Got Money!

Mickelson Trail is Cool! Courteney and Jennifer Not Seen.

After teaching a Senior Real Estate Specialist Wednesday in Sturgis, South Dakota, I badly needed a run. Originally, I was headed to the Centennial Trail for some single tracking. Fortunately, or unfortunately, one of the agents in my class warned of the trail’s total lack of traffic, rough terrain, and cougars. She suggested the George Mickelson trail in Deadwood.I have to confess, I have little or no fear of running… Read More »Mickelson Trail is Cool! Courteney and Jennifer Not Seen.

Logging Miles, Dropping LBs

It is SO good to be logging some miles. This week I will end up around 45 after a couple of weeks in the 30’s. Hamstring issue, while not completely vanished, very much a non-factor. It’s also nice to be finally losing some pounds. Sunday (two more days) will be five weeks on the 21 Day Fix and with two days to go I have lost 16 pounds. Pretty psyched… Read More »Logging Miles, Dropping LBs