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Less Doing, More Being

Happy New Year!

As you recover from whatever celebration you embraced to greet 2024, it’s time to head into the new year. I don’t know about you, but I think there is plenty to get excited about, and have optimism about,  when looking forward to this flip of the calendar. Yeah, it’s a leap year, there’s an Olympics, and there is this country’s quadrennial joke, the Presidential election, but more than any of those this is when you are able to begin anew.

Hopefully you have evaluated 2023, celebrated your victories, and acknowledged your setbacks while also forgiving yourself, By the way, it’s important to mention that you cannot start at square zero (or 1) until you reconcile your setbacks and move on. Don’t start the year in the hole.

Sunday my Pastor, Rod Hank, said that one of our problems is that we have allowed DOING to take precedence over BEING. Instead of a Human Being, we have become a Human Doing. So maybe, I think, instead of every goal being about creating achievement, production, money, whatever….. maybe we could spend some time focusing on becoming better HUMANS. Maybe set some of THOSE goals.

I’ve always thought I should create a class called, “Want to be a better Realtor? Be a better Person.” Wonder what THAT would be like? Now, don’t get me wrong, I want to produce more, make more and all of that. I just am not interested in that defining me.

Pastor Rod also said “I’m not what I do, I’m who I am.” So, the question becomes, who do YOU want to BE?

For me, I have added seven qualities/goals that I would like to emphasize in my quest to be a better me in 2024. Ready?

Forgiveness, Patience, Kindness, Empathy, Listening, Faith, Love.

If you were allowed to judge me at the end of the year, which (by the way) you are not, those are what I hope you’d see.

Business plans are awesome. They are a fantastic way to create, execute, and evaluate what you DO.

Let’s not forget who we are.

Happy New Year. Thanks.