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March 2014

Tip 12: Great 4 Step Home Videos!

Today, let’s take a couple of minutes and discuss a great way to attract buyers to your listing while developing a strong listing tool at the same time. Home Video Tours. For a buyer, the tremendous advantage of using the internet to search for property is being able to see a home at any time, no matter their location. While pictures are great, video makes the experience more like actually… Read More »Tip 12: Great 4 Step Home Videos!

5 Steps to Presentation Bliss: Two Minute Tip Week 11

A quick 5 step overview of a listing presentation 1. Know Your Stuff 2. Compile Your Resources 3. Create Visual Slides 4. Discover Seller Needs 5. Match Stuff to Needs Take your presentation mobile by referring to Tip 4.

7 + 38 + 55 = 100 Communication: The Two Minute Tip Week 10

Are you communicating well? For years people in all walks of life have discussed UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian’s discovery that face to face communication can be broken into three components. 7% of what is believed when we speak comes from our words, what we say. 38% is accounted for in the way we say what we say, some call it tonality. And what others see (body language) accounts for… Read More »7 + 38 + 55 = 100 Communication: The Two Minute Tip Week 10