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September 2015

Boring Week: Log September 14

YAWN……. Quite the boring week. While boring, several things of note:1. Fourteenth week in a row over 70 miles. 1905 for the year. I just don’t seem to be able to stop. Any run less than 6 or 7 miles doesn’t seem worth doing and most of the time I’ll be on an 8 or 9 mile loop and add on. There are worse problems to have….2. Seem to be… Read More »Boring Week: Log September 14

The Many Faces of DNF: Log week of Sep 7

DNF: Did Not Finish. That was/is my final status at the 2015 Imogene Pass Run. I don’t take dropping out of races lightly. In fact, in 49 years of running it’s happened less than a half a dozen times. My drop out rule is simple: if I am hurt to the point where I believe I will be doing considerable damage by continuing, I MIGHT drop out.This year I reached… Read More »The Many Faces of DNF: Log week of Sep 7

Things That Kill Your Credit

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Some people take their credit for granted and don’t start paying attention to it until they need it. The problem with this is that it could delay if not altogether cause the loan to be denied. The most common issue is not correcting items on your credit report. A large majority of credit reports have errors but not all of them are critical. Since it takes time to remove them,… Read More »Things That Kill Your Credit

I’ve Fallen Down and I Can’t Catch Up: My Run “With” Emelie Forsberg

“I saw that going differently in my mind,” said Will Smith’s character in the movie Hitch. While he had seen his Ellis Island date turning out much better than it actually did, I too had envisioned my run with Mountain Ultra Trail running superstar, Emelie Forsberg. I figured that at some point in what I thought would be a 6-8 mile run, I’d get a chance to move up along side… Read More »I’ve Fallen Down and I Can’t Catch Up: My Run “With” Emelie Forsberg

Mt Bierstadt and the Week of August 31.

Less than a week to go until the Imogene Pass Run (Sep 12). To work a little on the impending vertical of that Ouray to Telluride journey, I decided to tag a 14er this week, Mt. Bierstadt (14,060).I’ve lived in Colorado since 1978 and have run many miles while here but I have to confess that this week, this 14er, was only my second. Yep, number two. In 1979 I… Read More »Mt Bierstadt and the Week of August 31.