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"This man is brilliant! – you bring him, we will enroll."

Effective and efficient systems for listing and pricing properties is essential for success as a residential real estate agent. Creating Listing Abundance provides the knowledge and tools needed to develop and sharpen your listing and pricing systems and strategies. Some of the topics in this fast-paced, information-rich course include the listing mindset, sources of listing business, the listing appointment and presentation, and handling the competition.

They say, whomever THEY are, that one of the keys to success is practicing daily rituals. Hi, I’m Rich Sands and while I don’t disagree with that thought, I like to think about my daily rituals as being my daily RICHuals. The idea here is simple. Each RICHual is about a minute. Somewhere in that minute is hopefully something that will get you going, thinking, wondering, or better yet doing. It’s that simple. SO, Welcome to the Daily RICHual

HOT ZOOM Classes

Teachers gotta teach. Somebody told me that once and it’s also true during Corona time (not the beer, the virus). My way of handling this self-distancing stuff has already been to increase my content targeted at Realtors and sales people everywhere.

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Only a PEAK performer can guide you to PEAK performance.

When you want the very best for your self and others .

There isn’t a time when Rich Sands doesn’t remember leading a class full of students. For fifteen years he brought out the best in high school students. He took that leadership to the real estate industry where he rose to the position of Director of Education, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Colorado and revolutionized the company’s training services for more than 2,000 managers, agents and staff. Now, an experienced international presenter and instructor, Rich specializes in helping sales people master their skills with those they serve, as well as in their own lives. His flagship presentations, “Creating Listing Abundance,” and “Why Your Grandparents Should Direct Your Marketing” integrate the key practices needed to engage and impress your customers in today’s competitive world. Presently, he is President of Rich Sands Seminars and works closely with international franchise systems, independent brokerages, and companies looking for an edge. As a NAR/REBAC and Certified RRC/CRS instructor, he conducts dozens of courses each year for the National Association of REALTORS® and Residential Real Estate Council. While the real estate business is Rich’s passion, it is not the only one. He began running in 1966, ran collegiately, and continues to “pound the pavement and the trails” having competed in over 500 races including 17 marathons and logging over 114,000 miles. The next challenge is a knee replacement,  maybe….






The road to PEAK performance is paved with relevancy.

Your Grandparents Marketing

“If nothing is going well, call your Grandmother” – Italian Proverb

Want Success? Focus on BS

Balance, Strengths, It’s a huge deal!

Creating Listing Abundance

You have to list to last

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“I can honestly tell you that you have a special gift and I am thrilled that you were the one we chose to teach because you touched a lot of lives in just two and a half days. How many people could keep 51 people engaged for 2 days and those people love you so much that 41 of them sign up on the spot to see you again in October??!!? Thanks you for everything!! I really think you’re the best!!! I love education and your class was by far the BEST class I have ever taken!!!”

Dede Markle

“Rich, you were, quite simply, right on the money at what we needed. You have a gift for putting “The Rubber On The Road.” I have had nothing but wonderful comments from literally everyone who attended from our company. The proof is always in the pudding and I guarantee that we will have more transactions this year because we now have a PRESENTATION, thanks to you. Thanks again for a memorable morning that will only bear fruit for ALL of us.”

Jim Nelson

“I got an email from one of our office managers and I thought you would enjoy it. She wrote about your Ultimate Listing Course and had this to say: “Wow! What a fantastic course. I can honestly say this was one of the best educational offerings I have ever attended. Thank you for the opportunity. I am excited to put this into action and more importantly to share it with my team. Exciting, educational and educational, what more could I ask for? Definitely a home run.”

Carol Bulman

“Rich Sands is by far one of the best instructors I have ever heard. In fact, I would say he is in the top 3 speakers I have had in my life including teachers, professors, preachers, etc. I appreciate his humor, wit and the informational and motivational way he shared the information. He also brought supplemental material which was a huge help. I have already started implementing what I learned into my business.”

Dawn Norton

“I had a million things going on before I started a 2 day class that was orchestrated by some wonderful sponsors and my good friend Carol Murphy, to then be blown away by the wonderful class of peers & students that were apparently as eager as I was to learn from a teacher that I have not been as impressed with for many years. What a stand up guy and a great orator; who can and will make a difference in my career. Learned a lot and enjoyed it! Way to go Rich Sands, God Bless.”

Tony Apotsos

Rich has run over 116,000 miles. Here is his running Blog...

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