ZOOM Classes

Teachers gotta teach. Somebody told me that once and it’s also true during Corona time (not the beer, the virus). My way of handling this self-distancing stuff has already been to increase my content targeted at Realtors and sales people everywhere. Part of this has been an increase in posts at The Two Minute Tip (www.thetwominutetip.com), the Daily RICHual (in video at www.thedailyrichual.com and via podcast at https://anchor.fm/rich-sands. The next step is some Virual classes via the Zoom app.

My hope is to begin providing 2-4 per month, generally about an hour+ in length on a wide range of topics. And that’s where YOU come in. I would love to see suggestions you might have for content. You can reach out at richteaches@gmail.com.

Upcoming classes will be posted BELOW, and on my Facebook pages (personal and business), Instagram, and Linkedin (links below).
Hopefully you will find some of interest and join us.

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Why Your Grandparents Should Direct Your MarketingJuly 21, 2020 noon Eastern Time

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away there was no internet. Somehow people and businesses still marketed successfully. The secret they knew is that marketing is personal. This session will explore ways the lessons of your Grandparent’s marketing are still relevant in today’s fast paced, social media driven, 21st century and how others can be effectively tweaked to be equally powerful today.

The class is free to attend. There is no CE (“we don’t need no stinkin’ CE….”). Registration link is below:


90 Minutes of Creating Listing Abundance. July 27, 2020. noon Eastern Time

Effective and efficient systems for listing and pricing properties is essential for success as a residential real estate agent. Creating Listing Abundance provides the knowledge and tools needed to develop and sharpen your listing and pricing systems and strategies. Some of the topics in this fast-paced, information-rich course include the listing mindset, sources of listing business, the listing appointment and presentation, and handling the competition. 

The class is free to attend. There is no CE (“we don’t need no stinkin’ CE….”). Registration link is below: