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October 2014

Real Estate Carabiner: Part 2

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Otto Herzog’s use of the Carabiner in mountain climbing was based solely on the idea of connection. In sales, a lack of connection may not be as life threatening as it is in the mountain, but it might be close in a business sense. Here are five keys to connection: 1. Be genuine. People want to know the real you, the honest you, the authentic you. 2. Provide massive help.… Read More »Real Estate Carabiner: Part 2

A Better Life: Two Minute Tip 25

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Occasionally life  and work can become amazingly simple. A goal(s) can make things clearer. Sometimes all we’d like to do is get/be better. Fortunately, there is a pretty simple three step process to achieve that and it was given to us by Tony Robbins. First, if you want to be better, you have to have a higher standard. If you want to be “better” then yesterday’s expectations, yesterday’s standard, must… Read More »A Better Life: Two Minute Tip 25