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Just Real Estate classes? We think NOT! Rich has taught for mortgage companies, insurance companies, title companies, a hotel chain, high school students, and more…..  Topics like Peak Performance, Customer Service, Negotiations, Presentation skills, and others are relevant to almost anyone on the planet. Reach out to Rich to customize something for you and your people. 303-817-5329 or send an email to

Our topics are designed to be cutting edge and relevant for you and today’s market. While most have been designed for delivery in a 1 – 4 hour format, all topics can be customized to meet most any time frame or individual company or association needs. Many are also perfect for convention breakout sessions or sales meetings. For more information about any topic or to book a course call Rich at 303-817-5329 or send an email to

We can also customize a session for you and your people for maximum freshness, relevancy, and timeliness. 

Is the Sky Falling? Seven Anti Trust Tips for Your Business

Heard of Christopher Moehrl? If you haven’t, you will. There are at least three significant lawsuits that could have significant effect on Broker compensation going forward. The most well known is the Moehrl case filed in 2019. The lawsuit which lists as defendants, the National Association of Realtors, about 20 MLS’s, and four huge brokerages (Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway, RE/MAX and the Anywhere brands – the last two settled), alleges that some NAR rules violate anti-trust laws by inflating seller costs by requiring that they pay cooperating buyer brokers a fee to list their property. There was also a suit in Missouri, Sitzer/Burnett (recently getting a verdict) which contains similar allegations. And let’s not forget the DOJ lawsuit against NAR concerning compensation and cooperation. This one hour session is designed to deliver two things: 1) Background on the cases and key issues, and 2) share strategies for agents to get ahead of this wave of potential change. Don’t miss it.

Setting the Course for 2024

This course is designed to create a working, tangible business plan for the remainder of 2020. Each attending agent will have the opportunity to evaluate their business, set goals for the future, adjust for the changes we’ve seen and leave with a fresh plan in hand.The session is divided into six (6) sections: 1) Your strengths and full engagement, 2) What’s up with YOUR market?, 3) Goals and Planning the best 2024, 4) TheGetting Business – Marketing 101, 201, 301, 5) You have to list to last, and  6) New Ideas of Life/Work Balance.

Marketing is so freaking easy – Why aren’t you doing more?

In a world where people overcomplicate everything, maybe it’s time to make one thing simple: marketing. By understanding what marketing is, and how to create content without damaging brain cells, or worse yet, outsourcing it, you can make your marketing easier, more effective, AND do more of it. So, forget those silly chicken fettuccine recipes, those sports schedules, and the motivational quotes, it’s time to share relevant content and get more business.

Want Success? Focus on BS

While a great many factors contribute to an agents success in the real estate business, focusing on two create a direct link to a more prosperous, satisfying LIFE: B (Balance) S (Strength focused planning. marketing, and living). This fast moving session will empower agents to identify their expertise; their strengths, and deploy a strategy against them in order to create a strength focused business. Once identified, the strength focused business plan allows the agent to be more effective and efficient, which in turn creates the opportunity for work/life balance, one of the most elusive and challenging goals of the 21st century REALTOR.

Why Your Grandparents Should Direct Your Marketing

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away there was no internet. Somehow people and businesses still marketed successfully. The secret they knew is that marketing is personal. This session will explore ways the lessons of your Grandparent’s marketing are still relevant in today’s fast paced, social media driven, 21st century and how others can be effectively tweaked to be equally powerful today.

Creating Listing Abundance

The perfect listing scenario shows you as the uber-skilled Disc Jockey, working the levers to produce a magical sound. Overuse one lever at the expense of another, forget to use one at all; the result isn’t quite the same. In this FAST PACED 60 minutes, we will learn to control the five levers of listing abundance: Mindset, Attraction, Knowledge, EQ, and Presentation delivery (included are the 4 listing presentations you MUST have in your repertoire). Rookie or crusty veteran? Young or not so Young? You will leave this session ready to Create Listing Abundance.

The Other Side of Peak Performance

While a multitude of training sessions can be found focusing on the nuts and bolts of being a good salesperson. The Other Side of Peak Performance introduces elements of Peak Performance that go beyond skills, techniques, and tools. We review the Pillars of Peak Performance: guiding our path to be our best:  Preparation, Leadership, Excellence, Attitude, Service and Energy; and…

Some highlights:

  • Characteristics of Peak Performers
  • Multi-dimensional life planning
  • Leadership and being OF influence
  • The real estate Carabiner
  • The rituals of excellence
  • The power of expertise
  • Steps to a great attitude
  • Handling negativity
  • Beyond great service
  • The importance of energy

Between the lines of all that we share, we hope that by becoming a “Peak Performer,” we become fantastic people too. This course is best at 1-2 hours.

Stand Out or Step Aside.

They already know you and love you. How do you get them to not only do business with you but also become your biggest fans?  The answer is simple: send a relevant message, show value and send it the right way. There are seven irrefutable marketing rules for real estate professionals. This class will explore ways to get people to see your message in the middle of our option-overloaded abundant world.

1. Without attention, you have nothing

2. The old style interruptive message no longer works

3. Branding is like marriage, Selling is like hooking Up

4. Your marketing needs a strong core

5. The best marketing tells stories

6. Good marketing is a focused mix

7. Everything you do is marketing

This course can be 2, 3, or 4 hours.

Primo Presentations: The Ultimate Presentation Course

“Rich, you were, quite simply, right on the money at what we needed. You have a gift for putting “The Rubber On The Road.” I have had nothing but wonderful comments from literally everyone who attended from our company. The proof is always in the pudding and I guarantee that we will have more transactions this year because we now have a PRESENTATION, thanks to you. Thanks again for a memorable morning that will only bear fruit for ALL of us.”  – Jim Nelson, Owner, CB At Your Service, Rochester, MN

The Ultimate Listing Course was created to bring the seller and buyer presentations into today’s world and position it for tomorrow. In the middle of our changing world, filled with video, iPads, Smartphones and more, most agents have chosen to continue presenting the way their ancient real estate ancestors did decades ago. It’s time for a change.

Knowing that it is not enough to simply deliver information, The ULC incorporates methods designed to not only give agents knowledge, but competency and confidence as well. It is only through those qualities that mastery is achieved and only through deliberate hands-on education that the results are embedded into a business.

“The Carabiner:  The Climber’s Secret to Sales Success:”    Otto Herzog in 1911 was the first climber to have used the carabiner device, a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components.  It is an essential component in climbing success.  The Real Estate Carabiner equally understands the importance of being able to connect components, whether people, systems, tasks or networks to create a better business.  This course will examine the three critical parts of the Carabiner: the anchor (you), the loop (others) and the connector (how we reach them) and how mastering all can catapult your business to the next level.

Unlocking the Secrets to Social Media.

1500 Facebook Friends and no business? Is your Social Media all media and no Social? Maybe you’re on Facebook, Linkedin, and you Twit with the best of them. What you don’t know is how to turn your addiction into business. This class will explore how the systems work and how using them within a growth-oriented business plan can help you stand out from the real estate masses. We’ll explore which is the best tool for your business and how to utilize the media as an effective marketing tool.

Pricing to Sell in Any Market.

The people who told you the only thing that mattered was location, location, location were lying, lying, lying. If you want to survive in the real estate business you must know the secrets of proper pricing. There is a simple solution to listings that don’t sell – price.

Agents will learn to obtain and communicate statistics, do absorption rates, and explain the Market Analysis so that any Seller can make the best decision in this important facet of their sale. Agents will learn to separate the marketing presentation from the pricing presentation for optimal effect.

Toning Your Techno Core.    

For an athlete, their core is one of the most essential components to success. Without a strong core, athletes fall short of their potential, struggle to develop specialized skills, and often sit on the sidelines. In today’s fast-paced world of technology, agents without a strong techno core face the same issues.

To effectively tone their techno core, agents begin by having a great website. That website will be the epicenter of their 21st century business. A great site provides information to consumers, houses much of the shared expertise of the agent, and creates interaction and connection.

A great techno core website reflects the vision and mission of your business and must include the use of effective blogging, widespread use of video and the opportunity for communication via social media. Consumers are able to obtain anything that helps them meet their wants and needs, discover some of the nuance of the real estate business, and connect with a great agent in one stop.

Negotiating MUSTS for the Great Agent.

Looking to create a significant difference between you and every other agent on the planet? You can separate yourself through your ability to negotiate to help your client achieve their goals.

This class will give you tips that you can use immediately to develop the negotiating edge and create the win/win. Everything from the characteristics of great negotiators, to negotiating strategies and learning techniques of persuasion will be covered.

Visual Chi: Creating the Perfect Electronic Presentation. Once the panacea of the tech age, has PowerPoint outlived its usefulness in today’s fast paced world? Yes and no. But don’t trade in PowerPoint, begin using it to ENHANCE what you do. This class will focus on the preparation, design and delivery techniques that will allow you to take the art of the presentation to a new and very relevant level.

Whether you’re an electronic presenter or still flipping pages in a book, you’ll benefit from this class’ insight into the consumer, how they learn and how you communicate with them.

GPS: Blueprint for 2024.

Not sure where your business is going? Haven’t quite picked the route for the coming year? GPS (Goals, Planning, Systems) will show you the way to a successful year. In this power-packed 4 hours, agents will set/review their goals in a more comprehensive manner than ever experienced, create a plan that revolves around those goals and identify systems to enable successful achievement.

Beyond that, the course will focus on examining today’s most needed business expertise and skills, gaining clarity on where that focus should be, and turning that focus into ACTION. To round out the entire experience, the work/life balance will be addressed as one of the components to real success. Whether you are new to business planning or a seasoned veteran, you will leave this results-driven session with a clear blueprint and path to success.

The Velvet B.A.T.: Handling objections without causing conflict.

Every Realtor has heard a clever quip that when properly delivered has brought an objecting Buyer or Seller to their knees. Most, however, have yet to gather the courage to use one. This course will teach you none. There will be no clever quips, no snappy dialogues; just a three-step process guaranteed to help you handle every obstacle a client/customer throws in your path without isolating or angering them in the process.

The B.A.T. system is a simple technique in which you 1) back off from the temptation to immediately respond or defend yourself, 2) ask questions to clarify positions and probe for motivation and 3) use the moment to teach and reinforce value. The B.A.T. approach works for everything from fee objections to pricing challenges to dealing with those everyday goofy, unreasonable requests a Buyer or Seller might have. This course will give you the tools and techniques necessary to take control of your business and stop feeling like you have to defend your value.

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