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February 2018

Wind, Woods, Emerson

Well, long story short, I ran 45 miles this week. It’s not the 50 I was planning on but frankly, I’m pretty okay wth it. It was a week of 5 and 6 mile runs mostly with a 10 thrown in yesterday. It was the ten, that defined the week.I did the usual thing I do in the morning looking out the window at a nearby flag to see how… Read More »Wind, Woods, Emerson

My Run With Eliud Kipchoge (grossly exaggerated)

Those of you who frequent this blog offering vividly remember my run with Jenny Simpson (grossly exaggerated). You can find it at . Well this morning, even more grossly exaggerated, was my run with marathon G.O.A.T. Eliud Kipchoge. I say MORE grossly because at least Jenny was on the same road as me….. like, IN PERSON. My run with Eliud was a dabbling into the Nike Run App and an audio run.First… Read More »My Run With Eliud Kipchoge (grossly exaggerated)

The Platinum Rules of Public Speaking

I read that thirty-nine percent of people cite public speaking as their biggest fear. That’s number one; ahead of a terrorist attack, cancer, death… Yet there are still brave, odds-defying folk (myself included) who engage in this deadly practice for a living. Perhaps they (and I) possess incredible secrets of the trade known only to a chosen few. Perhaps those not in possession of such secrets will be doomed to… Read More »The Platinum Rules of Public Speaking

Airline Hospitality and my Holiday Celebration YPPE #6

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Fifteen to twenty times a year, I have one of the great experiences of modern day customer service: I fly on an airplane. I won’t mention the specific airline because, well, it could be almost any one of them and I certainly don’t want to play favorites…. or unfavorites. My only wish is that during the Holidays I could have served my family with a little Airline Hospitality. Here’s my… Read More »Airline Hospitality and my Holiday Celebration YPPE #6

One Step Forward, One Step Out of Water

My frustration with this running thing is getting to be a pretty consistent thing. I literally had nothing to write a week ago and am merely faking it today. The two weeks have been 41 and 37 miles and while I suppose I should be happy to have run everyday, I’m pretty discouraged. Feel like a fish out of water.Also: am NOT a whiner. So done here.Run on.

Ten Reasons Being a Realtor is like Marathoning

There are two things in my life I have done for a considerable amount of time: running (51 years – over 111,000 miles) and real estate (26 years). What I have learned from these experiences is that they are incredibly alike. So without further ado, I give you the Top Ten Reasons Being a Realtor is like Marathoning. 10. It sounds extremely easy the first time someone says “you should give… Read More »Ten Reasons Being a Realtor is like Marathoning