January 2017

Doers and Watchers and Why “Unfriend” is a Good Option

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Dear social media friends: Life is so much better and I am so much happier when I don’t read your opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I love that we all get to have opinions (thank you, brain – or whatever), I love that we all get to express opinions (thank you Bill of Rights), and I even sort of appreciate that there are outlets for our opinions (of course this… Read More »Doers and Watchers and Why “Unfriend” is a Good Option

2017 Your Best Year Ever!

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Happy New Year! 2017 is here and with the new year comes new years resolutions.  Frankly, not a big fan of resolutions on January 1st. I think goals are better (see: : https://richsandsseminars.com/2013/12/two-minute-tip…ot-resolutions/). PLUS, while January 1 is a great day for goal setting, so is Jan 12, April 19, September 2, and November 6 for that matter. Knowing however, the leaning towards goals and resolutions at the beginning of the… Read More »2017 Your Best Year Ever!