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May 2012

Find Their Why and Let Them Buy!

Someone once said, “people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.” There’s a tremendous wisdom to that short sentence as well as numerous far reaching aspects that cover many facets of many businesses. More on those, another time.  Left to their own resources, people will buy. They will buy technology gear, life insurance, lawn mowers, Chevys, Toyotas and Fords. They will buy houses. So how do you… Read More »Find Their Why and Let Them Buy!

Beware of the Mayan Mind Trick!

A newly discovered Mayan calendar claims to show that the highly “reliable” doomsday date of December 21st, may be altered, if not outright cancelled. The calendar, some 1200 years old itself, appears to archaeologists to go on for roughly 7000 years. As many of you know, during my 46+ years as a runner, I have faithfully logged my miles (thanks, Coach Pingel). As 100,000 miles has come closer and closer,… Read More »Beware of the Mayan Mind Trick!

The Price of a Chocolate Chip Cookie

There are two places of, what I will call for today, Customer Service Evil: cell phone companies and airlines. If pressed to add to the list, I suppose I could also include utility companies, cable/satellite providers and the US Government. These entities have three things in common: They are huge industries, they seem to think they have no competition (or at least they play the game that way) and they… Read More »The Price of a Chocolate Chip Cookie