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February 2013

Seven iPad Listing Presentation Tips

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One of the primary activities Realtors get paid to perform is present. And one of the challenges of any piece of technology is actually going out and using it in the real world. As a lover of presentations AND my iPad, let’s see if we can’t put this together somehow and make iPad presentations simple and practical. While there would be a plethora of tips and tricks, whats and hows,… Read More »Seven iPad Listing Presentation Tips

Talkin’ Bout My Generation

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Yesterday afternoon, I was engaged in deep conversation with a Realtor Association executive considering the merits of a course on the generations and their buying and selling tendencies. The never to be named exec believed the topic to be boring and not exactly “up with the times.” What could be more relevant, I maintained, than a course designed to help salespeople deal with people? At a time when the age span of… Read More »Talkin’ Bout My Generation