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December 2012

GPS: Blueprint for Planning Success

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With us well into the month of December, I have to assume that most hard working folks have completed their business plan for the upcoming year. Knowing that the coming year will be an incredible improvement over the one we’re in (card carrying optimists believe that every year) should have been the impetus for a hard look at 2013 and your business. It was that most famous quotster , unknown,… Read More »GPS: Blueprint for Planning Success

Buyers Aren’t Liars, They Need Help!

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Many markets around this land of ours are undergoing severe changes as 2012 slowly comes to its conclusion. Some have become full blown sellers markets, others are recovering much more gradually. We knew all along, that we would come out of the slump, we’d get through the tough times. What we didn’t know was when it would happen. As most of the country rebounds, you must ask yourself this question:… Read More »Buyers Aren’t Liars, They Need Help!

Re-Evaluation and Frank McBride

The year is 1974. The guy on the right in this picture (#428) sporting the headband and long hair is Frank McBride. The guy on the left (#125) , also sporting the headband and long hair, is me. It’s the First Dexter to Ann Arbor run and we’re poised and ready for the gun. I didn’t really want to be there, Frank somehow coerced me in that subtle way he had,… Read More »Re-Evaluation and Frank McBride