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September 2011

For Ideas Lasting Longer Than Four Hours, see a Psychotherapist

When a neighbor heard that I had done the unthinkable, actually run 21 miles, they asked this, “What do you think about for that long?” First, thank God they didn’t say “I can’t even drive that far…” Next, I’ve heard this one before and usually my answer to this often asked question is some self invented cliche like, “anything and everything,” or “running,” or “nothing at all.” What I wanted… Read More »For Ideas Lasting Longer Than Four Hours, see a Psychotherapist

It’s A People Problem

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Smartphones aren’t so smart. I mean, they couldn’t just walk (or run) around and actually survive without….. yes, you guessed it….. people. The problem is, people are people. I teach sales people for a living. Some of them are tech savvy, some, not so much. They pretty much all agree, however, that while technology has changed some of the ways we do business and the equipment we utilize for doing… Read More »It’s A People Problem

The Long Run to Nowhere!

Yesterday’s 21 mile run had some interesting little footnotes attached. Outside of the Napa Valley Marathon, it was the longest run of the year. Normally, I’m more than happy enough between 18-20 miles for my long run, but today’s course had to be either 17 or 21. I opted for the longer run. The other added attractions for the run were as follows: It brought my total for the year… Read More »The Long Run to Nowhere!

Buggy Trail Run!

Bugs? No, that wasn’t my problem. My problem on this morning’s run was that the two things that bug me the most when I’m out trail running both happened AND they both happened with the same person. Allow me to explain. We all have our little pet peeves. On the trail, I have two. The first, which is not trail-exclusive, is when I am running along (the pace doesn’t matter)… Read More »Buggy Trail Run!

A MILEstone week (pun intended)!

My log and my running-total log tell me that this is a week of milestones. First, tomorrow I will hit 2000 miles for the year. In all of 2010, I ran 2031, so I’m thinking that I’m having a pretty decent year. The goal is 2700 and I believe it will be close. For me the mileage is an indication of being able to train consistently and without injury. At… Read More »A MILEstone week (pun intended)!

Your Brain is Your Friend: Be Nice To It!

After a fresh reading of John Medina’s book, “Brain Rules,” I have pledged to treat my brain better. And while John has 12 rules for your brain (and mine), I will stick with just three. If we (yeah, me too) took these three things more seriously and incorporated a plan into our lives, we’d see an increasingly wonderful existence. Keep in mind I am not a physician, psychologist or stress… Read More »Your Brain is Your Friend: Be Nice To It!

Jenny B is the Queen Bee!

First, a shout out to Jesse Wiiliams and Lashinda Demus for winning Gold Medals at the World Championships today. Also, if you haven’t seen Ezekiel Kemboi’s last lap in the Steeple and his victory dance, you’re in for a treat (kind of Usain Bolt meets Blanca Vlasic). The link for that: The biggie of the day for this Coloradoan and former Boulderite was the 1500 meter win by Jenny… Read More »Jenny B is the Queen Bee!

Speedwork? Getting Closer…

Yesterday I did the aging veteran’s version of speedwork: 8 X 400 with a 200 jog rest. I don’t remember the last time I did 400’s (I’d guess it was spring or summer of 2000 – I could look it up – probably will – well, wait a minute, I’ll check my log – never mind). Nonetheless it was a pretty good workout, although I had considerable energy left in… Read More »Speedwork? Getting Closer…