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July 2014

5 Great Tips to Email Marketing

Al Gore’s invention of the internet has allowed for a plethora of time and money saving applications designed to make our lives easier. How did we ever find anything before Google? Then, there’s Facebook, certainly that has made your life easier. Where else can you hang out with your friends and everyone else on the planet and unapologetically have your privacy violated at every turn. But I digress. For agents,… Read More »5 Great Tips to Email Marketing

A Good Week!

Scared the daylights out of this little guy coming around a curve. 70 miles. Not bad. In fact, it’s the best mileage week of 2014 and the last time I logged that many was the first week of October last year. No particularly long runs, just a steady stream of good days. The highlight, I suppose, has been feeling decent while running. This is something that just began in the last week… Read More »A Good Week!

It’s Halftime: Tip 22

Yesterday marked the halfway point of the year. It’s halftime so to speak. So, how’s the game going so far? You winning? Losing? Not keeping score? While it’s a pretty good idea to consistently monitor your goals throughout the year, halftime is a logical time for an in-depth check and maybe some tweaking, restructuring or ditching. Some of your goals are right on the money. You’ve done the work and… Read More »It’s Halftime: Tip 22