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April 2011

Take A Class!

It’s May (well, tomorrow) and that means we are approaching the halfway point of the year much quicker than many of us anticipated. One third of the way through 2011, the question is this: how’s your year going? April found me doing what I love to do: teaching enthusiastic sales people around the country. Many markets are seeing increases in activity as Buyers and Sellers test the water to see… Read More »Take A Class!

Man vs. Computer: Round 3

There’s a fresh skiff of snow on the ground. The high today might reach 40 degrees. I’m still feeling the effects of Thursday’s terrible 17 mile run. It’s not the best start to my day. Someone or some thing has to pay. If you recall, not too long ago I decided to strike a blow for all of human-kind by negating the depressing results of the Man vs. Computer contest… Read More »Man vs. Computer: Round 3

Dr. Wittenberg Leaves Me For Dead!

If you read my last post, you are aware that I have been fighting a severe case of the shpilkes. Shpilkes is characterized by a nervous energy or anxiety that can cast a gloomy cloud over any day. The person that could have cured me was Mary Wittenberg, head Honchette at the New York Road Runners. Dr. Wittemberg held my life in her hands. I love the New York Marathon.… Read More »Dr. Wittenberg Leaves Me For Dead!

Need a Shpilkes Cure: Where’s Doctor Mary Wittenberg?

It’s an open and shut diagnosis, I have the shpilkes. I learned about shpilkes from my wife, Linda, who spent a previous lifetime (she called it a lifetime, not me) married to a Jewish man (and from what she has told me, his previousness had little or nothing to do with him being Jewish). You don’t have to be Jewish to have the shpilkes, just like you don’t have to… Read More »Need a Shpilkes Cure: Where’s Doctor Mary Wittenberg?

A “Brief” Memo to Nike…

Saturday it was 80 degrees, this morning’s run, it was 16. It’s springtime in Colorado. So just when I thought it was safe to store my winter gear until the fall, I was breaking out the tights and jacket this morning. The tights are the issue…. oh the tights. I’m a loyal consumer. I bought my first pair of Nike Waffle Trainers back in the mid 70’s. Other than a… Read More »A “Brief” Memo to Nike…