June 2011

Halftime Part 2: Back on Track!

So yesterday the topic was “How Are We Doing?” on our goals. If you, like me, took the opportunity to evaluate where you are in relation to your goals, then we both get kudos for our efforts. Today, let’s talk about what to do with those goals that are not exactly on target, and maybe even the whole batch of them as well. I’m going to suggest a four step… Read More »Halftime Part 2: Back on Track!

It’s Halftime!

Tomorrow is June 30th. Half of the year is gone. So tell me (or someone else or just yourself), how’s it going? Are you on schedule to have the kind of year you planned? Business working? Family? Recreational activities? Other things? I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. To me, any day is a good day to set goals and strive to get better. I do know, however, that many… Read More »It’s Halftime!

Robert Gilbert Sands: Happy Father’s Day!

My Dad circa: 1948 Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I’ve written numerous newsletter posts and blogs about my Mom over the years, but never really pontificated about my Dad. My favorite Dad stories have to do with sports: the one he wanted for me and the one he didn’t. My Dad wanted me to play baseball and for years I played in every summer league in town. He rarely missed a… Read More »Robert Gilbert Sands: Happy Father’s Day!

R.I.D.E. to Sales Success!

I had another one of those experiences last week. You know the ones, you’re involved in a sales experience and while in the middle of the “sale,” you mentally leave and begin critiquing the salesperson. I won’t go into who the company or the actual sales person was, but please understand that this was a high placed regional person on the company’s sales team. Doesn’t happen to you? Well, it… Read More »R.I.D.E. to Sales Success!