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Pressing On…

This is supposed to be a build up week at roughly 65 miles. Last week was “recovery.” 
I carefully placed the word recovery in quotes because, as is often the case, last weeks recovery week was the time when the downside of the three previous weeks reared its ugly head. What I mean by that is that last week, the dents and dings began showing up. A slightly sore hip flexor, a twinge in the calf, all annoying little obstacles that take time and effort to mess with, when all I want to do is train.
As a result, this week I will spend as much time treating my dents and dings as I will running. I will also be slowing it down a bit and staying on the most level off surfaces (no snow pack or ice for this guy). I accept this situation, but still approach it with the same enthusiasm I would have for ripe mule carcass. The key is to GET IT GONE in the next week to ten days. With four and a half weeks until the Napa Valley Marathon, no lingering pains are allowed.
The upside is that I did not get two feet of snow like many of my training colleagues. I’ll take that as a positive.

Run on!