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July 2015

It’s Hard to Imagine

Mortgage rates below 5% since 2009, you’d think any homeowner who should refinance would have already. However, it is estimated, there are approximately 6.5 million borrowers who would benefit with significant monthly savings by refinancing. Rodney Anderson of Supreme Lending, on his weekly radio program, described a recent pipeline meeting where they reviewed every pending mortgage application his company was processing. They had seven refinancing applicants whose current mortgage was… Read More »It’s Hard to Imagine

Converting Leads Two Minute Tip 38 Part 1 of 2

Whether you are a new agent building your business or an established agent keeping your database fresh, maintaining a flow of potential customers is crucial to your success. Attracting leads is key, but if you don’t have effective systems for converting them into closings, you’re leaving money on the table. So let’s take a minute (or TWO….) to look at two of the four steps to successful Lead Conversion. We… Read More »Converting Leads Two Minute Tip 38 Part 1 of 2

Somebody stop me!

Actually, don’t stop me.After another great week of running, I’ll have to stop myself. After one more. I promise.At least this week I didn’t try to kid myself. I’ve been working on a backing off a week for a few weeks. Unfortunately, I get to the middle of the week and change my mind. This week I held no such illusions. I planned on running 80 miles from the get-go… Read More »Somebody stop me!

Five in a Row, but Who’s Counting? Run Log Week of July 13 “O” Week (no not you Oprah)

Last nine weeks since hammy recovery. As a youngster, I learned how to do math by calculating batting averages, earned run averages and other extremely important baseball statistics. “Baseball is a game of numbers,” they said. And I suppose they’re right. But running, obsessive running, is as much so or more. Mileage, PRs, heart rates, all a part of the daily running routine. In honor of the numbers, I submit 70,… Read More »Five in a Row, but Who’s Counting? Run Log Week of July 13 “O” Week (no not you Oprah)

So Much Inspiration. Log Week of July 6

Kilian Jornet winning the Hardrock 100 It’s such a good thing (sometimes) to be connected to/on social media. The escape, escape from my own unexciting life, can be interesting and often inspiring. This was the case this week as much of my weekend was spent glued to the computer screen following two great events: The Hardrock 100 and the final days of Scott Jurek’s run up the Appalachian Trail.Hardrock marked the return… Read More »So Much Inspiration. Log Week of July 6

La Sportiva Vail Hill Climb; Week of June 29

We closed the book on the first half of the year this week. All in all, it was a consistent week where I had hoped to back off the mileage some. Didn’t happen. Still logged 70, but a pretty easy seventy. Spent the first four days in the Cherry Creek State Park for my runs. 7 on Monday, 11 Tuesday, 8 Wednesday and 13 on Thursday.At days end on Tuesday,… Read More »La Sportiva Vail Hill Climb; Week of June 29

Grilling Safety

More people grill in July than any other month. While grilling is all about good food, fun, friends and celebrations, it is important to make sure that accidents don’t interrupt your activities. Approximately half of the injuries involving grills are thermal burns. If you work with fire, there’s a chance of getting burned. Only use BBQ grills outdoors and in ventilated areas. Place the grill away from home or anything… Read More »Grilling Safety

Intermission, Goals and Dancing Hot Dogs

CAUTION! The video below may produce nostalgic memories, hunger or nightmares. Watch only after extreme forethought. Discretion is advised. Happy July 1st. Half of the year is gone. It’s intermission. Anyone old enough to remember drive-in movies will fondly (or scarily) recall juggling popcorn bags, tightrope walking ice cream bars and of course, dancing hot dogs being the highlight of that halfway point at the movie. So tell me (or… Read More »Intermission, Goals and Dancing Hot Dogs