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June 2014

Small Dose of Redemption

After the debacle that was yesterday’s long run, I was expecting little from today’s morning effort. I figured to be sore, sluggish and generally apathetic. Instead, I was mildly tired and feeling not so bad. If the truth be told, I was feeling pretty okay (please note the toned down evaluation of how I actually felt). Maybe this getting serious thing is actually beginning to work out.Early in a training… Read More »Small Dose of Redemption

Long Run Does NOT Go Well!

This little guy is a bit too close to Parker Road. I shushed him away. Okay, I confess: this was probably a little more than what I should have done. I was supposed to go 13 and I was actually going to do it at the Heart and Sole Half in Boulder. Glad I didn’t drop THAT $80. I chose to run at home (home meaning Cherry Creek State Park).The… Read More »Long Run Does NOT Go Well!

Butting Into Your Life: Tip 21

The real estate business is high pressure, high anxiety, high stress, not to mention a lot of work. To be able to function at your best: to be practicing what we like to call full engagement, takes it’s own special kind of effort. So with your permission, let’s talk about your LIFE! To be at your best, you have to be….well…. At your best. There are a plethora of areas… Read More »Butting Into Your Life: Tip 21

“Long” Run Goes Well!

Finished off a great mileage week today with a 12 mile “long” run. I parenthesize the word long because under normal circumstances a twelve mile run would barely achieve the status medium long. But for now, I’ll take it. It was great!Spent pretty much the entire run on the trails of the Cherry Creek State Park; so close to home and so awesome. The run basically had four parts: The pavement… Read More »“Long” Run Goes Well!

Get Serious: Part 2

Phase two of the Get Serious program begins tomorrow with a return to the basement. Some sort of isolation, torture training? No, that’s where the strength and core equipment resides.After establishing a nice little running habit again during the past few weeks, it’s time to take the next logical step which is to train the rest of the body. Historically, I am not good at the whole lifting and abs… Read More »Get Serious: Part 2

High (Low) Fives All Around

For the third day in a row no tornado warnings, no hail, no rain. Must be living the charmed life. Today’s 9 mile run was the best of times and the worst of times. In my mind, it was a piece of cake (“never say piece of cake” – Billy Crystal in Forget Paris). In my body… not so much. Tired…… sluggish….. just plain exhausted. Not sure the origins of this… Read More »High (Low) Fives All Around

Two Minute Tip 20: 5 Tips for Prepping Homebuyers

Working effectively and efficiently with buyers in any market can be a challenge. Those of us firmly impeded in seller’s markets understand that low inventory, escalating prices and multiple offers double the excitement. Having a fully prepared buyer in this type of market is one of the keys to success. This video covers five things you should be discussing to prep your buyer to win.

Video Report #1

A nice 8 miles in the woods today after 12 yesterday (went over 104,000 miles on the twelve miler). Surprised I could walk. The key was water and my Roll Recovery. Ending the week at 50 which is okay given the poor beginning Monday – Wednesday.  Love running in the Cherry Creek State Park woods. It’s a touch of the forest in the middle of the city. Peaceful. Today I… Read More »Video Report #1

Get Serious

After a half year of putzing around, gaining weight, being injured and being busy. It’s time to get serious. I guess after almost 48 years of running, I deserve a break, but it didn’t feel like that. It’s been awful. So I’m back and this time it’s serious.Goal #1: Fifty pounds gone by summer’s end. Eating healthier (cutting out the grain for two months, then we’ll see), running more and… Read More »Get Serious

Two Minute Tip #19 BombBomb and Chatty Agent

In my busy-ness teaching classes, coaching agents, and working on building my own business, I have been fortunate enough to come across two pretty cool things I’d like to share: BombBomb and Chatty Agent. BombBomb is a video email application that allows any agent the opportunity to reach consumers in a high tech/high touch manner. A chatty agent subscription places that wonderful little chat box on your website so that… Read More »Two Minute Tip #19 BombBomb and Chatty Agent