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Hurry Home 405!

I sent my Garmin Forerunner 405 off to Garmin land for repair today and I won’t see it for a couple of weeks. I do this with great trepidation knowing that I must go it alone for a while.
I love my Garmin for a multitude of reasons: 1) it gives incredibly accurate information and feedback from my runs. 2) I am able to download my runs to Garmin Connect and/or my Garmin Training Center 3) it’s so easy to use 4) the GPS allows me to run when I travel and obtain accurate information about my workouts wherever I may be and 5) it looks cool!
I embrace this opportunity to run free of time and distance constraints (although I know all of my routes by heart) and use it to explore the playful side of my running (yeah, right). I think I can make it a couple of weeks. I just won’t look as cool.

Memo to Garmin: I’d better get it back before I leave for the Napa Valley Marathon…