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Man vs. Computer: Round 2

Subtitle: “Watson come quickly! Oh yeah, you can’t!!!”
Today is the final round for Watson vs. the human guys (Ken Jennings and Brad Mutter) on Jeopardy. The IBM computer is soundly whipping both humans at the left brain, data regurgitation that is the Jeopardy game. As a human, I find the whole thing completely and utterly disgusting. Talk about a stacked competition….

Anyway, long story short, I decided to strike back for humanity. I challenged my computer to a five mile race this morning. We routed the course together (on a computer program no less), I offered shoes (nice Nikes with Air) AND I even let my Macbook (we’ll call him Mac) give the starting signals (it’s quite an advantage to be the one saying “GO”). Result: well, I got in five miles and my Macbook is still firmly planted by the door. In short, I kicked its ass!

Watson: You’re next!