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March 2018

Ouch! And where was Jenny?

After an amazingly good running week, I thought I would save the best for the end. I thought, somewhere in my twisted mind, that it would be a good idea to run Magnolia Road today. And to make things worse, I decided to run from the West end. I say worse because West to East means UPhill on the way back. Maybe not my best decision. Nonetheless, the decision was… Read More »Ouch! And where was Jenny?

Effective Sales: from Fats Waller

When Fats Waller wrote the words, “Find out what they like and how they like it and let them have it just that way,” I’m sure he was composing within the context of the song written for the musical Ain’t Misbehavin.’ What he may not have known, at the time, was he was also creating the pathway for effective sales. This great lyric pretty much says it all, everything from buyer/seller counseling… Read More »Effective Sales: from Fats Waller

Holding Back?

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote about this running thing. All in all, I won’t complain (notice I said won’t, not can’t). After 50 miles two weeks in a row, I logged 55 this week. That was equal to my best week in all of 2017 and it was pretty much uneventful. My knee sits consistently at a 2 on the 10 scale of pain. That would come… Read More »Holding Back?

Inventory Continues to be a Challenge

In any given market, inventories fluctuate based on supply and demand considering area and price range. The National Association of REALTORS considers a balanced market to be a five/six-month supply of homes. If it takes longer than five or six months to sell, it is thought to be a buyer’s market and less than five or six months, a seller’s market. Lately, most buyers and sellers probably feel a balanced… Read More »Inventory Continues to be a Challenge

Turning the Corner?

So maybe, just maybe, we turned the corner last week. First off, it was a 50 mile week. I haven’t had one of those since October of last year and actually only had 6 weeks in all of last year at 50+. Next, a 13 mile run on Saturday. 13 isn’t 18 or 20 or more, but it’s a long run for now and since the word “long” is relative… Read More »Turning the Corner?