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August 2017

When the Market Changes…

We never know exactly when any given market might change. If you pay close attention to the numbers, you might see some of the telltale signs. Monitoring inventory (supply) is always a great way to see one of the most important movements in the market, as is watching demand (sold properties). The Sales to List Price ratio can show a lot too. Your familiarity with your marketplace, no matter how… Read More »When the Market Changes…

Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

If you had an email marketing campaign in 1998, chances are your had somewhere between an 80-90% open rate. Today you would be considered OUTSTANDING if your rate was one-third that. Times have changed and it’s not that your emails are worse than before. The problem is that people get more emails than ever and most are extremely tired of it. According to, the average email user receives 88… Read More »Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

51 Years, 13.1 miles, Emma and Courtney

51 Years.Saturday, under the crisp morning sky of Georgetown, Colorado, two things happened: I celebrated 51 years of running, and warmed up for the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half-marathon. Let’s begin with the long view.  Some guy who still runs, circa 1968 51 years. That’s a long time to do anything. I actually believe that the only other things I have done that long in my lifetime is be a son… Read More »51 Years, 13.1 miles, Emma and Courtney