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Any Way You Look At It..

Okay, I am a little proud, but nonetheless, any way you look at it 74 miles is a pretty good week. The last time I logged that many was August of 2000 when I had an 84 mile week. Earlier in 2000, 70+ weeks were commonplace. That was then, this is now.
Three weeks until the Napa Valley Marathon. I’m feeling pretty good about being able to finish at this point and that IS my only goal. Once accomplished, we’ll move on to the hunt for the Boston qualifier.
I’ve been seriously consistent with my strength and core work the last two months and I have to say, I feel a difference. I carry myself a bit stronger and have really noticed better bio-mechanics. I like it AND it’s become a fun part of my routine. 

75-80 this coming week with a 16 miler on the weekend and then begin to back off a bit. Getting jazzed!

Run on…