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January 2015

Is Attention Worth Dishonesty?

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The headlines this morning were: Travel Bans Lifting, Big Storm Not As Big As Forecasted. Really? The biggest storm in the history of the universe did not come to fruition? Snowageddon didn’t actually occur? I am, in the words of Kramer’s ever poignant lawyer Jackie Chiles, “Shocked and Chagrined. Stupefied and Mortified!” Actually I am not. In a world where the media will do anything to capture the public’s attention, over… Read More »Is Attention Worth Dishonesty?

Streak Over. 2015 Ruined. But There is Hope!

I didn’t run Tuesday. In my defense, I could barely walk my lower back was so stiff. But I didn’t run.This unforgivable lack of commitment and total disregard for my 251 day running streak has twofold consequences. First and foremost (maybe) is the fact that my streak of nearly two-thirds of a year has ended. Perhaps, worse than that, I have now fallen 251 days behind reaching Ron Hill’s feat of 50 years straight without… Read More »Streak Over. 2015 Ruined. But There is Hope!

Garage Sales Are Cool

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A well-planned garage or yard sale can make room in your home, get rid of unused items and make some money but it needs some planning to be successful. Start early to research and plan Promotion is key Display items attractively Price items right Organize checkout Saturdays are generally the best day but there may be some exceptions.  Experienced garage-salers believe that a well-planned one-day event will do as well… Read More »Garage Sales Are Cool

Five Leadership (and Life) Lessons From Stuart Scott.

A great journalist and entertainer, Stuart Scott, died after a seven year fight with cancer Sunday morning. He was 49 years old. My sons grew up with Stuart. He was their introduction to sports from a perspective to which they could relate. He was different, he was fun, he was COOL. Stuart Scott was more than cool, however, he was a leader. He was a Black leader in a business… Read More »Five Leadership (and Life) Lessons From Stuart Scott.

Yeah, I quoted Oscar Wilde…

Roughly 30 minutes ago, the doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy. I’ve been waiting for him all day. In fact, I’ve been waiting for him since the 1st of January (yeah, I know, it’s only the 6th). Why so diligent, you ask? Well, he was bringing my running log book.Yep. I said log BOOK. Tried those computer, online run logging programs before and while they are SLICK, it is… Read More »Yeah, I quoted Oscar Wilde…

Reducing Interest Expense

0% financing has induced car buyers into taking the plunge because it doesn’t cost anything to use someone else’s money.  While mortgage rates are not at zero, they’re close enough that many buyers are applying similar logic. Qualified mortgage interest is deductible on taxpayers’ returns subject to the maximum acquisition debt of one million dollars.  For the fortunate homeowners who have paid off their mortgage, their acquisition debt was reduced… Read More »Reducing Interest Expense

Happy 2015!

Here’s hoping that 2015 is your finest year ever! Predictions point to pretty good markets across this nation of ours and…. BONUS…… no election year to distract us from achieving our goals. For me, 2014 was both exciting and frustrating. It was awesome to get out and visit agents all around the country and do my best in helping them advance their businesses. I taught sixteen Two Day CRS courses… Read More »Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! Let’s Run!

On this morning’s run, I saw someone.No, no one famous. No one I even knew. I just saw someone. And that someone was the first person I had seen running in the Cherry Creek State Park in five days. It’s been cold. In fact, today was the first 0+ run out of the last four. It was 20 (we’re havin’ a heat waaaaave!). Grippy Things Today, obviously, marked run number… Read More »Happy New Year! Let’s Run!