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December 2011

Unsatisfactory Assessment.

Back in December of 2010, I set my running goals for 2011. There were eight. Assessing the past year, I find that I didn’t quite accomplish many of those targets. Here is the recap: Goal #1.  I will run every day in 2011. This one was successful. I ran everyday, with the shortest run being 3 miles and the longest being 22. The streak is presently at 462 days, my… Read More »Unsatisfactory Assessment.

New Year, New Opportunities, Your Choice!

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As we say good-bye to 2011 and look to the coming year with hope and anticipation, I can’t help but to think it’s going to be a much better year. It HAS to be, right? The question, then, becomes: How do I (that’s you, me, anybody) make it a better year? For me, the answer has always been clear: Optimism. It has been said that “what you think upon, expands,”… Read More »New Year, New Opportunities, Your Choice!

TIE-ing Down The Holidays

TIE-ing Down The Holidays My Holiday Video on the link below…

TIE-ing Down The Holidays!

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My Holiday Video TIE-ing Down The Holidays

What’s Your Mini-Saga?

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So, what’s your story? Everyone has one. We tell them verbally, we tell them in writing. Story is as old as human beings. In fact, we would know so little about ourselves and our world if had not been for the simple telling of stories throughout history. The beauty of a story is that it often takes something and attempts to explain it in the context of something else. Many… Read More »What’s Your Mini-Saga?

The Return of the C.A.T.

Once again, a storm blew in early this morning and we received about 3 inches of snow. Once again the roads were snow packed, slippery and just plain pretty messy.  “Three inches,” you say, “that’s nothing.” In the big winter storm picture, you would be right.  Here in Colorado, however, I would rather get two feet than two to six inches. When snow is measured in feet, a wonderful thing… Read More »The Return of the C.A.T.