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At Rich Sands Seminars, we believe in designations. We believe in certifications. We believe in EDUCATION. Anything that can be the catalyst to you enhancing your business (and your life) is okay with us. As a result of this commitment, we include some of the most relevant, outstanding educational experiences in our curriculum. Ready for the next step? Call 303-817-5329 or email Rich at


CRS courses are designed and delivered by the Residential Real Estate Council (formerly known as the Council of Residential Specialists. Designees have achieved the CRS designation and become part of only 3% of active Realtors today.


NEW!!!  CRS Creating Listing Abundance (8 hour class)

Effective and efficient systems for listing and pricing properties is essential for success as a residential real estate agent. Creating Listing Abundance provides the knowledge and tools needed to develop and sharpen your listing and pricing systems and strategies. Some of the topics in this fast-paced, information-rich course include the listing mindset, sources of listing business, the listing appointment and presentation, and handling the competition.

After successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Develop a listing mindset focused on market knowledge, self-awareness, and providing excellent service to your clients
  • Tap into traditional and modern/digital sources of listing business
  • Create and deliver compelling, customized listing presentations that focus on your clients’ needs
  • Provide seller guidance and counseling on how to leverage market analysis data and the importance of proper positioning
  • Effectively manage seller concerns, resistance, and objections

NEW!!!!!    CRS Technology and Plans for Success.  (8 hour class)

This course examines the changing role of real estate agents in the rapidly-evolving technology age and provides guidance on the technologies needed to effectively work with today’s connected consumers. You will leave the class with templates, strategies, and tools to identify, evaluate, and select appropriate technologies to enhance your communication, productivity, and efficiency, while keeping your clients’ data safe.

After successfully completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Select the appropriate equipment, software, and technology platforms needed to streamline your operations and meet the expectations of today’s tech savvy consumer
  • Leverage customer relationship management (CRM) software to grow your network, communicate proactively with clients, and maximize efficiencies in your business
  • Design and optimize your website to improve your professionalism to the consumer and provide data to help them understand your services
  • Develop effective email marketing initiatives to improve client communications and provide value to your clients

CRS Working with First Time Home Buyers: A Blueprint for Success.  (8 hour class)

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and connections, and to misinformation and misunderstanding with first-time home buyers (FTHBs). Soar to new heights by optimizing client services and brand recognition with FTHBs in your market. This course will help professional real estate agents improve their sphere of interest (SOI) and become the go-to-specialist for client and referral services in the FTHBs market. With this new educational offering, residential real estate professionals will learn to shape and sharpen their business processes to address the needs of modern-day FTHBs. So start the process today and revolutionize you mindset to maximize successful outcomes in your market by becoming the specialist of choice in the minds of FTHBs.

  • Scaffold your knowledge base by developing an analytical approach for working with FTHBs
  • Break the ice with FTHBs by leveraging your leadership skills
  • Find FTHBs, opening the flood gates and discovering new FTHB resources
  • Attract FTHBs by creating a client-centric and innovative marketing niche
  • Innovate and simplify your consultation system for the needs of today’s FTHBs
  • Create a comfortable and seamless buying experience for the FTHBs
  • Wow the FTHBs by delivering GASP effect professional customer services
  • Stamp your brand and services in the minds of FTHBs, become a life-long support system for their real estate needs and education

NEW.   CRS Pricing Is Paramount (4 hour class)

As REALTORS®, one of the most important skills to acquire is how to accurately price your listing. To be successful, you will need to make sure you are able to communicate with the seller on a level that will allow them to grasp the complexities of pricing so that they feel confident in their choices, and you as their representative. There are several approaches to creatively pricing properties, and multiple ways to approach handling consumer pricing objections. This course will help you develop the skills you need to price with confidence. 

CRS 7 Things Successful Agents Do Differently  (8 hour class)

This course demonstrates those things that successful agents do differently from the average agent.  It gives specific strategies and marketing systems to move your business to the next stage of success, both professionally and financially. Attendees will learn how to organize their real estate career like a business, how to leverage their market statistics, how to plan for retirement and how to implement marketing to make these things happen.  Agents of all experience levels will benefit in discovering how to take their business to the next stage of success.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the differences in treating a real estate career like a business versus acting like an employee, in order to take control of the business decisions, treat all customers and clients consistently, and produce a consistent profit
  • Determine goals for their business for three, five and fifteen years from the date of the course to develop specific strategic plans that will lead to business success
  • Realize the importance of understanding local and regional real estate market statistics and their personal statistics in order to better establish goals and develop sales strategies
  • List the five stages and barriers of business growth to gain the ability to transition business at the appropriate time
  • Establish a personal, business and marketing budget to guide the real estate business spending plan
  • Recognize the retirement needs of a real estate agent in order to have enough savings
  • Draft a complete marketing plan to properly promote the business for consistent and calculated growth

CRS Transforming Difficult Situations into Profitable Deals. (8 hour class)  

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain self-awareness to improve interactions with other people
  • Recognize how being self-aware makes you more effective
  • Read other people, improve relationships with clients, service providers, and team members
  • Communicate effectively, meeting others at their level of awareness
  • Communicate effectively to create a “Better Me – Bigger- Profits Mentality”
  • Utilize tools and techniques to avoid and resolve difficult situations with other people

CRS Top of Mind Awareness(8 hour class).  This course will help agents understand the benefit of consistent branding and utilize it across all platforms. A concrete idea of Branding leads to an effective marketing plan that will deliver business over the long haul. Selling is short term, branding is forever and is the pathway to referrals.

CRS Win-Win Negotiation Techniques:  (8 hour class).   NAR reported that 87% of buyers feel negotiation skills are important for real estate agents to have. With some practice, you can further develop your negotiation skills and leave every transaction with all parties satisfied. This course uses interactive role-playing to drive the messages home.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Establish rapport with parties in a negotiation
  • Learn about other parties’ needs and identify their interests
  • Effectively prepare for negotiations by exploring actionable solutions and creating a game plan
  • Respond to issues that commonly arise
  • Implement new strategies and scripts

CRS 103 Mastering Your Time to Achieve Your Goals: (8 hour class) How can one day change your life…both personally and professionally? Mastering Your Time shows you how to find success in your real estate career and in your personal life. This course will give you the resources to balance your business life with quality time for family and recreation. Course Content:

  • Time Management Techniques
  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • Team Building/Personal Assistants
  • Handling Stress
  • Finding Your Motivation
  • Dollar Productive Activities

CRS Converting Leads Into Closings:  (8 hour class)

Whether you are a new agent building your business or an established agent keeping your database fresh, maintaining a flow of potential customers is crucial to your success. Attracting leads is key, but if you don’t have effective systems for converting them into closings, you’re leaving money on the table. This course highlights both traditional and digital approaches to identifying and closing more customers. Instruction and activities cover all aspects of a successful customer interaction experience–attraction, first contact, needs analysis, incubation, conversion, closing, and beyond.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop systems for capturing, converting, and tracking leads
  • Implement customer-focused campaigns that highlight consistent touches via various channels
  • Integrate technical tools to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of your lead management
  • Set priorities for lead conversion and create an action plan for achieving them


CRS 200, 201, 202, 206 are core courses available for 16 hours CRS Core Credit.

CRS 200 (Business Planning and Marketing): 

The Business Planning and Marketing course (CRS200) from the Council of Residential Specialists will help you create a strong business that will withstand any market condition – while making a profit. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Develop a business plan to focus your business and begin making educated financial decisions
  • Determine financial goals to create a budget and increase your profits to last through retirement
  • Create a marketing plan that works with your objectives to get listing sold
  • Identify action plans to implement that will work to achieve long-term personal and professional goals

CRS 201 (Listing Strategies for the Residential Specialist):

The quality of an individual’s listing skills can give him or her a strong competitive edge. Only those professionals who learn proven listing strategies will win over the client and increase their conversion rate. Listing Strategies provides students with the important skills necessary to conduct successful listing presentations, price a home to sell, close the transaction and market and promote effectively. The course takes students through an actual listing presentation that helps them understand the key steps in this process and create a system for success. Students will be able to:

  • Conduct an effective listing presentation
  • Give Seller guidance and counseling
  • Price a home to sell in any market
  • Utili Closing techniques
  • Marketing plans and servicing systems
  • Sellers’ needs and motivations

CRS 202 (Sales Strategies for the Residential Specialist): 

Top sales associates enjoy a competitive advantage because they understand what motivates and influences their customers. Sales Strategies gives students the inside track to win over prospective buyers by teaching them the necessary strategies that make their sales quick and efficient. Students will learn how to work with today’s new buyer through counseling, salesmanship and negotiation. These effective strategies will give agents customers for life. Course Content:

  • Understand buyer motivation
  • Eliminating sales resistance
  • Creating trust and loyalty from buyers
  • Negotiating skills

CRS 206 Technologies to Advance Your Business:

Today’s internet enabled real estate market requires sales agents to work faster and be more responsive than ever. The ability to quickly access and exchange information – anywhere, anytime – can be the difference between making and breaking a transaction. The 206 course guides students through a process for analyzing the technology needs of their business. Course topics focus on using technology tools that enable sales agents to become more productive, increase their profits, and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Course Content includes:

  • Time saving technology tools
  • Social media tips to connect and make money
  • Strategic email marketing options
  • Successful marketing via websites, blogs, video, and other communication tools
  • Effective multimedia technologies for enhanced listing and buyer presentations
  • Taking your business mobile

CRS 210 Building an Exceptional Customer Service Referral Business .     

Building an Exceptional Customer Service Referral Business is a highly interactive course designed to deliver all the essentials for refocusing the student’s business plan to a customer service centered, repeat and referral business. The information provided will help identify the expectations of the “new consumer”, the “new behaviors” necessary to meet those expectations and specific systems to make the agent’s business more productive, more profitable and more enjoyable.

Course Content:

  • Attracting a higher caliber client
  • Meeting the expectations of the “new consumer”
  • Dialogues and strategies for building a referral database
  • Delivery systems to generate a successful referral business

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Following are NAR/REBAC/REBI courses usually leading to a designation or a certification. Some are one day courses, some two.

NEW!!!!!  Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation

Real estate professionals know how critical it is to employ a creative and memorable marketing approach to generate leads, while clearly communicating services and value based on the buyer’s needs and expectations. What’s the best way to strike this balance? Do the same strategies work for different target markets?

This one-day course explores both traditional and cutting edge strategies to strengthen the real estate professional’s marketing efforts and take them to the next level. The course also examines various tools and technologies available to maximize lead generation and market impact.

This course counts as one REBAC elective course to be applied towards the ABR® Designation.

Home Sweet (Second) Home: Vacation, Investment, Luxury Properties.  The course presents the essentials of buying and selling resort properties and second homes for recreation and investment in the United States. Course learning objectives are as follows:

  • Adapt core real estate skills for building a resort and second-home business.
  • Identify referral network resources and gaps.
  • Apply knowledge of your market, customer/client profile, motivations for a second-home purchase, and trends to develop business building strategies.
  • Adapt your skills to work with affluent buyers and luxury properties.
  • Help clients and customers evaluate and select the type of property, form of ownership, investment strategies, and financing options that meet their second-home objectives.
  • Comply with SEC guidelines regarding investment advice.
  • Alert customers and clients to the tax treatment of second-home vacation and investment properties.
  • Examine the impact of short term rentals on the resort and secondhome vacation and investment properties.
  • Identify the potential impact of trends and issues on resort and second-home properties, business strategy, and client and customer service.

Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR). This two‐day course serves as the core of the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) designation program, which is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. The goal of this course is to set the foundation of training, skills, and resources to help real estate professionals succeed in today’s marketplace as buyer’s representatives. This course is a fundamental resource for understanding the duties that REALTORS® owe to clients, customers, the public, and fellow REALTORS® as outlined in NAR’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). The SRES Designation Course helps real estate professionals develop the business-building skills and resources for specialization in the 50+ real estate market by expanding knowledge of how life stages impact real estate choices, connecting to a network of resources, and fostering empathy with clients and customers.

Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE). The National Association of Realtors’ only recognized negotiation certification. This new 2-day Course is an interactive experience to help negotiators elevate their game! The course examines all types of negotiation formats and methods so that today’s negotiators can play the game to win. A full spectrum of tips, tools, techniques and advantages will be provided so that negotiators can provide effective results for their client.

Part One is The Power Negotiator’s Playbook:

  • preparation,
  • being open to options,
  • knowing how to effectively work with tradeoffs,
  • knowing how to compromise without giving essential components away,
  • reaching a resolution that your client can find acceptable

The second part of the course focuses on real-world field scenarios to help negotiators apply the power tools, techniques and tactics learned on the first day.

Understanding the tactics and techniques is one thing, but learning how to recognize them being done and using them effectively requires practice. These field scenarios provide the foundational experience and practice negotiators need to master so they can effectively advocate for their clients.

Certified Real Estate Team Specialist.  The Certified Real Estate Team Specialist (C-RETS) certification is the first and only team credential recognized by the National Association of REALTORS® and is the premier credential for high performance teams.   It is designed to elevate and enhance team development, individual leadership skills, and improve financial performance.

This new credential is a certification — which means no membership or recurring dues. The Real Estate Business Institute (REBI) — an affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS® — confers the certification upon completion of the course requirements and remittance of a one-time $159 credentialing fee.

This certification is designed for:

  • Team leaders
  • Team members
  • Those looking to start a team
  • Brokers or managers with teams in the office
  • Those who simply want to sharpen their leadership skills

Military Relocation Professional. The goal of the military buyers course is to educate real estate professionals about working with current AND former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs and take full advantage of military benefits and support. On the surface, this course appears to be directed to areas that include an active military base in their proximity. To the contrary, there is an entire niche of Veterans that enjoy a plethora of service benefits, many of which they are not aware. Identifying and helping those who served our country is not only gratifying but fits nicely in an agent’s business plan. This course will also lead to a NAR certification.

Some of the learning objectives are:
* Recognize how the all volunteer military impacts service members’ housing choices
* Use demographics of the military market to formulate business strategies and determine service offerings
* Enhance your sensitivity to the emotional issues involved when a military family relocates
* Identify and provide services that help service members find and purchase suitable homes
* Explain the basics of VA financing

Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA.  At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to 1) Select appropriate comparables and make accurate adjustments to them, for use in developing home price opinions 2) Guide sellers and buyers through the details of CMAs and the underlying pricing principles that inform them 3) Interact effectively with appraisers

Real Estate Safety Matters. Safe Business = Smart Business. Developed in partnership with NAR’s REALTOR® Safety program, this three-hour course is an essential primer on how real estate professionals can limit risk to preserve safety—their safety, their clients’ safety—and for positive business outcomes. Students will learn how to assess risk in their current practice and create safety systems, scripts, and tools for listing appointments, showing property, and conducting open houses. Students will also learn how to protect personal and electronic information online, in the cloud, and on social networks. As a practical resource, this course offers easy-to-remember strategies for real estate professionals when facing potentially dangerous situations.

e-Pro Day One.  Day 1 of NAR’s e-PRO® certification provides high-level Internet marketing and social media theory with practical suggestions for its implementation in a consistent manner. Students will learn how to interact with their desired markets and to position themselves as trusted advisors and valued members of their online communities.
Day 1 addresses concepts of intellectual property, copyright, fair use, and plagiarism, as well as ways that students can protect the content they create. The tools available to real estate salespeople to market, brand themselves, and communicate with consumers are simple and easy to use, but like any tools, can cause damage if you’re not careful. Students will learn where potential “land mines” are and how to avoid tripping them.
At the conclusion of Day 1, students will understand:

  • How and, more importantly, why online Web 2.0 strategies, including social media, were developed
  • How to use social media strategy appropriately and responsibly to protect themselves, their clients and the consumer.
  • For students who are social media and technology rookies, how to be prepared for the impact and avoid the possible pitfalls of the Web 2.0 culture
  • For students who are already engaged in some form of social media interaction, how to craft an integrated business strategy that is sustainable, effective, and compliant with ethical standards and regulatory guidelines In this one‐day course, students will examine the characteristics of these home buying generations and evaluate their expectations (expectations of the agent and the transaction) as well as communication preferences.

Generating Buyer and Seller Leads: Capture, Qualify, Convert. This course evaluates the art and science of generating leads. We will examine the lead generation process from identifying viable leads, to qualifying them, and to converting them to clients. We will also review the tools and techniques necessary to implement a successful lead generation strategy that is adaptable to your business and target market.

Real Estate Investing: Build Wealth Representing Investors and Becoming One Yourself.  This course will cover the fundamentals of real estate investment that practitioners need to know to expand their business services. The one-day course looks at how practitioners can adapt core real estate skills and learn new skills to serve clients who want to invest in single family homes, condos, townhomes, and small multifamily properties. You will learn how to work with investors as they goal set, plan, evaluate, and acquire properties as well as manage them. You will also learn how to “walk the talk” and become a real estate investor yourself.

Course Highlights:

  1. Why Invest in Real Estate?
  2. Working with Investor Clients
  3. Making the Purchase Decision
  4. Financing Options and Tax Issues
  5. Owning the Property
  6. The Real Estate Professional as Investor

REBAC Marketing Reboot.  Do you think your marketing plans and strategies at the height of the boom or during the crash work as well for you today as they did then? Think again. It’s time to reconsider how you promote yourself and attract new business. It’s time for a real estate marketing REBOOT.
In this one-day course, students will revisit marketing fundamentals—branding, relationship marketing—with an emphasis on electronic tools—social media, blogs, Twitter, podcasts, and really simple syndication (RSS) feeds, Web site search engine optimization (SEO), among other technologies. Practical tips in addition to examples of how agents leveraging these tools in the field make this course a must for all real estate professionals.

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