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October 2016

Good News, Bad News, Bad News and Perspective

So Wednesday, Dr. Michelle Wolcott and I examined the MRI of my knee. The hope was for something easy like a meniscus tear. Go in snip, snip, back on the roads in three weeks. No such luck! Bad news. There is about a 2cm section of the cartilage in my left knee that is gone. Yeah, like gone, disappeared, vanished. Surgical options: microfracture surgery (see Six weeks on crutches, five… Read More »Good News, Bad News, Bad News and Perspective

Say What?

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Okay, I was bored. I admit it. Friday when one of my twice a day emails arrived from Active Rain, a real estate blog, I actually followed one of the threads. It was entitled, “My commission rates are not negotiable.” Within minutes, I was appalled. First, let’s get a couple of things out of the way. 1) There are no “set” or “normal” fees in the real estate business as… Read More »Say What?