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September 2012

“There’s a guy with a red cross over there. Don’t shoot at him.”

Yes, those are the words of Bill Cosby in his famous Medic routine. I hope no one shoots at me, I feel bad enough as it is.Last Saturday, on a routine 10 mile run, I noticed a tightness in my right calf. Tight soon became sore and graduated quickly to knotted. I walked the last mile. I knew what it was immediately because this visitor has crossed my path before. It… Read More »“There’s a guy with a red cross over there. Don’t shoot at him.”

Nine Good Days

As time continues to fly towards the Savannah Marathon, training must get more geared to quality. As this phase begins, the last nine days saw three things: 1) a race, 2) a 20 mile run and 3) some speed work. Yikes!The race was the Aetna Park to Park 10 mile. Beautifully charted to wind its way through five Denver parks, the park to park is a rolly (but not severely so) course,… Read More »Nine Good Days

August and The Halfway Report

The end of August brings to close a good training month and the halfway point in training for the Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon. After nine weeks of my eighteen week training block (689 miles so far, or 76.5 per week), I am happy to report all systems are go! I feel like I have a nice base of work leading in to the coming weeks as I shift to more… Read More »August and The Halfway Report