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November 2017

So, What’s Next?

After donning my big boy pants a few weeks ago, I have been forced to answer the question, what’s next? It would have been easy to decide that this running thing, and especially the racing component, needs to be relinquished in my life. Seriously, I contemplated that. It’s way uncomfortable, sometimes hurts, and I’m not getting any younger.Fortunately, or unfortunately, I know me well enough that while I could have… Read More »So, What’s Next?

Sales and Branding: Short Term and Long Term

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Today I booked a course for February. That’s sales. The class may or may not happen. I may or may not get paid (mostly according to whether or not it happens). That is sales. Sales brings in the income, keeps the bills paid, brings home the “bacon,” so to speak. Periodically, I sell. The more I do it, the more I make (sort of). It is rare, however, that I… Read More »Sales and Branding: Short Term and Long Term