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December 2018

More Comfortable, Convenient and Secure

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Smart home technology promises to make your home more comfortable, convenient and secure. It may not be the home from the Jetson’s but artificial intelligence is the hope to make it the home of the future which is available now and controlled from anywhere you have an Internet connection. When Alexa appeared at Christmas-time two years ago, most people thought it was a novelty to ask what the weather will… Read More »More Comfortable, Convenient and Secure

Embracing 2019 With A Plan!

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With 2018 quickly coming to a close, most business owners and entrepreneurs have either already began planning for the coming year or are in the process. To help with that, here are 6 steps to creating that awesome plan for 2019: 1. Re-evaluate 2018 2. Determine your goals 3. Know your numbers 4. Plan for productivity 5. Oversee your time 6. Deploy your strengths against your plan. Questions or form… Read More »Embracing 2019 With A Plan!

Tony Robbins, Certainty, Hallmark Movies…

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Tony Robbins says that one of our biggest human needs is the need for certainty. While there may be many manifestations of that need, I offer a holiday place of certainty: The Hallmark Christmas Movie. Hallmark movie, certainty? You bet. There a plethora of characteristics that bind the Hallmark Christmas movies. Here are eleven: 1. The female star of the movie will be a 90’s TV star you barely remember… Read More »Tony Robbins, Certainty, Hallmark Movies…

2019: All in on Strengths

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“Whether you’re 9 or 90, stop trying to fix the things you’re bad at, and focus on the things you’re good at.” – Gary Vaynerchuk It’s always been the case. Since Cain and Abel there has always been someone around to remind you of your weaknesses; what you suck at. It’s still the case in the 21st century. Talk radio, cable news, sports talk, social media….. let’s talk about what/who is… Read More »2019: All in on Strengths

It’s Been Two Years…….

On December 1st, my knee surgery “celebrated” its two year anniversary. The hope, as is the hope with any surgery, was that I would be good as new upon completion. Oh well, so much for hope in that particular area. You see, when you have run for more than 52 years, there are plenty of milestone type moments. Some are great, some only good, some not so much. PRs and… Read More »It’s Been Two Years…….