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Peak Performance Coaching: Pursuing Mastery

Peak Performance Coaching: Pursuing Mastery

Customized Coaching is designed for agent’s already enjoying the benefits of a successful real estate business and are looking to ascend to the next level. The key elements of this program will be based on utilizing the Coach for guidance, as an accountability partner, a sounding board, a motivator, confidante and teacher. Coaching sessions will be one on one and phone based with e-mail session prep and follow-up. Participants will be entitled to an hour of Peak Performance live coaching per week.

The area of focus will be open-ended adhering to the wants and needs of the participant. A primary focus will be expansion of business or creating a more efficient methodology to maintain current standards. Most sessions may include goal sharing and setting, accountability, planning and handling individual obstacles and issues.

At times activities and/or projects may be given for the benefit of the agent achieving their goal(s).

Customized Mastery Coaching will be delivered on a MONTHLY basis with a three-month minimum entry. The Peak Performance investment is $199/Month. There is a discount for a six month or one year commitment.

Requirements for entry:

  • A powerful desire to become a better, more effective real estate professional
  • The ability to accept and embrace guidance and direction
  • An openness for sharing and an ability for setting aside time each month for business and personal growth
  • A well developed sphere of influence and business plan
  • A workable e-mail address checked daily (at a minimum)
  • Completing a questionnaire reflecting past experiences and current business practices
  • Completing a Behavior style inventory
  • Completing a Goal Assessment exercise
  • A twitter account
  • A PayPal account (for credit card payment)

Coaching is serious business. It is serious for the Coach and for the person being coached, and so should not be taken lightly by either party. Coaching is about helping and guiding; giving advice and support; holding all parties accountable for what they do and seeing growth as the final measure of its effectiveness.

We believe that being a great salesperson is not an accident. Peak Performance is a path you choose to take and you realize that you can’t always do it alone. Help is good. We also believe there is more than one way to achieve the success you want. While we have methods, systems and techniques we believe to be more effective than others, we won’t force them upon you. Our goal is not to turn your business upside down or get you hooked on a particular system. Being your best is about careful planning, commitment, focus, execution of a plan and evaluation of the process. And customized means we tailor your plan to you, your strengths, your expertise, your way of doing business. Growth can be painful, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

To us, at Rich Sands Seminars, coaching is about bringing out the best in you and helping you achieve your goals, no matter which path you might take on the road to excellence. We Coach very few salespeople, striving to do more with fewer rather than looking to numbers for our success. Your success is our success.

For a more directed path to Peak Performance, investigate our Activity Oriented Program. It is perfect if you are new, feel like you are new, or just need a boost to get back on track. CLICK HERE

If you are interested in being coached, we are happy to share our plan with you and discuss your needs. Please send an e-mail to, place the word “Coaching” in the subject line and we’ll answer as soon as we can. In the meantime, explore our website.