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July 2012

Savannah Marathon: Four Down, Fourteen to go!

An awesome month! Had a good week – heck, a good four weeks, as the focus for Savannah Marathon prep has been volume and volume. 84, 81, 80 and 80 have been the weekly mileage totals. One more week of easy stuff and then we begin to mix in the fun workouts: half mile repeats, tempo runs, and dare I say it…. 400s on the track. Also, lost 20 pounds… Read More »Savannah Marathon: Four Down, Fourteen to go!

Rest in Peace, Pat Porter!

I took this picture of Pat at the 84 Olympics. A cross country legend died in a terrible plane crash yesterday and it makes me sad. Yes, I know that death is part of life but Pat Porter’s death touched me in a lot of different ways. First, there is just the tragedy of a life cut short (he was 53). Then when you consider that he died with his… Read More »Rest in Peace, Pat Porter!

We Work Enough. Go Play!

The trail is calling, or is that your life? According to a recent survey, America’s mid section will do nothing but get larger in the next twenty years.  No, we’re not adding geography to the Midwest by adopting Canada. The geography being added is to our mid sections, our waistlines. A Duke University study tells us that, at present, roughly a third of all Americans are considered obese. By 2030,… Read More »We Work Enough. Go Play!

Are You ALL IN?

You see it on the Sunday night poker challenge, you see it in Casino Royale. At the peak moment of the game, someone risks everything and goes “ALL IN!” They’re putting all the chips they have out in the pot and just, simply, going for it. This concept, thought by some to be admirable, is thought by as many or more, to be absolutely crazy. Then there is the small,… Read More »Are You ALL IN?

Miles of Trials – Oly Trials Day 8

Another edition of one of my favorite events, the Olympic Track and Field Trials has come to an end. The final day had some ups and downs, the biggest down being Bershawn Jackson’s fourth place finish in the 400 m hurdles. That’s got to be the worst spot in the world, especially when your living depends on how you place in the big one. There are no big purses or… Read More »Miles of Trials – Oly Trials Day 8

Allyson Felix Rules and Did I Hear Tim Tebow? Oly Trials Day 7

You can say what you want about 100 meter runoffs and/or coin flips, in the middle of all of that hoopla, Allyson Felix remained calm, cool, collected and FAST! She completely dropped the hammer on the entire 200 m field last night in Eugene to highlight a fairly boring slate of track and field (translation: no distance events).  Felix came out of the blocks quickly and seemed to hit a… Read More »Allyson Felix Rules and Did I Hear Tim Tebow? Oly Trials Day 7