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January 2012

Nice People At Wal-Mart

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I was standing in line at Wally World today and I was able to witness people-niceness first hand. A little (like 4 foot 8) lady was checking out. Her last item scanned was a rotisserie chicken. She handed the cashier her money, it was counted and the cashier said, “I’m sorry, this isn’t quite enough.” Before even the words, “I’m sorry, I won’t be able to get it,” came out… Read More »Nice People At Wal-Mart

Still Here – Still Waiting…

I am confessing to being highly UNmotivated about my running the last five weeks or so. Yeah, I’m still running. Hanging in at about 45 miles a week. In fact, as of this morning’s run, the consecutive day streak sits at 492. It’s getting up there. Fast becoming one of my best streaks. I’m even being consistent with my strength and core work. Motivational? Not really. I was going to… Read More »Still Here – Still Waiting…

Thanks Al Gore! Stick it, NBC!

The Olympic Marathon Trials were today and like many participants, this spectator had a difficult time staying with the race plan. The original idea was to stay busy all morning, not go anywhere near my computer and watch the delayed coverage with fresh eyes. I lost contact with the plan right from the gun. I blame Al Gore, Twitter and Runners World. I’ll take those in reverse order…. The live… Read More »Thanks Al Gore! Stick it, NBC!

Move Over Tim Tebow: Trials Marathon Predictions OR Whatever, Galen Rupp.

Ryan Hall, the favorite While many of my Tebow-infected, Colorado brethren are anxiously awaiting Saturday nights playoff game between the Broncos and the New England Patriots, this guy is ready for the highlight of the day……… wait for it …….. the Olympic Marathon Trials. While football games are a dime a dozen, every four years the best American distance runners vie for three tickets to the Summer Olympic Games, this… Read More »Move Over Tim Tebow: Trials Marathon Predictions OR Whatever, Galen Rupp.

Partial Do Over!

After a week of careful self examination and contemplation, I have set my running goals for the year 2012. Mostly, I have decided that the “failures” of 2011 (and there were several) will be incentives for 2012. So, without further jibber-jabber and/or needless pontification, here are my goals for this year of elections, Olympics and an extra day… 1. Run every day. This was one of the goals I accomplished… Read More »Partial Do Over!