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April 2016

Struggling With Juggling

There are just a little more than thirteen weeks until the San Francisco Marathon. Three weeks after that is the Squamish 50K. I should be firmly entrenched in some serious base training, ready to begin a strength phase. I am not. I am struggling with juggling.The last four weeks and the next nine are some of the busiest ever. Teaching and prepping classes, traveling, and marketing for the fall schedule… Read More »Struggling With Juggling

Comfort Crosses Generations

My course repertoire has a large variety. Each course, however, is based on the following concept: No two buyers or sellers are ever the same – regardless of generation. But, to arrive at individual needs and wants, it is beneficial to become familiar with groups and preferences. While personality, lifestyle, and things like NLP are helpful, generational groupings also provide a unique framework from which to start. Each of the… Read More »Comfort Crosses Generations

Buyer Loyalty Takes Effort

Loyalty. We see it all over sports. Denver has people who bleed orange and blue. I haven’t lived in Detroit for close to 40 years yet remain a Red Wing and Tiger fan. And Chicago Cub fans? Yikes. There is some loyalty. Anywhere I teach, real estate agents share a common obstacle they face when working with buyers… LOYALTY! They say there is no problem getting sellers to be loyal,… Read More »Buyer Loyalty Takes Effort

Hitting the Road: Lots of Options, Many Blessings

As I pack my bags this morning, I am excited about the opportunity to teach at the Western Slope Realtor Rally in Grand Junction tomorrow. I am fortunate enough to get to teach two of my favorite things: Listings (Creating Listing Abundance) and Peak Performance (The Other Side of Peak Performance). Tomorrow begins a ten week run of non-stop teaching action and I couldn’t be more excited. The fun isn’t… Read More »Hitting the Road: Lots of Options, Many Blessings

Worst Race EVER, So I Kept Going Anyway

The start, where it’s always okay. Forty-Four years ago, I placed 14th in the Florida Relays Marathon. 2:58:24. Today, amazingly, I ran roughly the same time for a half marathon. And I’m not sure which makes me prouder.In 1972, I had just run a very comfortable 1:50:00 twenty mile tune-up. It meant I was ready to run under 2:30. So, while 2:58 is an okay PR to have in my… Read More »Worst Race EVER, So I Kept Going Anyway