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September 2016

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Today I had a follow-up visit to Dr. Michelle Wolcott. She is my orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgeon, you ask? Yep. Things have gone from better to worse, to better to worse since we last posted.Growing out of my butt issue, came a knee issue. Extreme tightness and pain behind my knee which got so bad on two occasions that I would get 2 – 3 miles out on a run… Read More »One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Take me to My Leader: Oh, it’s you!

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I recently read a posting on a website about Benjamin Zander, world famous conductor and co- author of the book “The Art of Possibility.” It concerned leadership and our role as beings on the planet. Zander said, “Every single interaction between two human beings is always a matter of leadership.” It has made me contemplate the role of the Realtor in and out of the transaction. I read the Orlando… Read More »Take me to My Leader: Oh, it’s you!