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October 2012

Lowering Expectations

The Savannah Marathon is three days away and I’m doing what any red-blooded runner would do: I’m lowering expectations. Not yours, of course, you don’t have any. The six readers of this blog are all supportive, wonderful people who will be happy with any result I achieve. I am lowering the expectations of me, the guy upon whom this task is laid. So, without further adieu, let the lowering begin….First… Read More »Lowering Expectations

The 100,000 mile Report

100,000th mile!October 3, 2012 On October 3, 2012 after 46 years, one month and 21 days of running, I ran my 100,000th mile. It came in mile 7 of a moderately uneventful 8 mile run in the Cherry Creek State Park during recuperation from a calf injury. Like most runs, there was nothing particularly unique about it. I ran the first 4 miles alone and was joined by my wife, Linda, for the last… Read More »The 100,000 mile Report

LIGHTS…. CAMERA…. ACTION! Using Video for Your Business

Part One of Two… To say that the video explosion is coming to the internet is like saying that cars will replace horses as the main means of transportation. It’s already happened. 72 hours of youtube video is uploaded every minute, 4 billion videos everyday. Four billion hours of video are viewed each month. And get this; in 2011 there were one trillion youtube views OR 140 for every person… Read More »LIGHTS…. CAMERA…. ACTION! Using Video for Your Business