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August 2012

Sea Level is For…..

Sissies?That’s what the Bolder Boulder t-shirts have proclaimed. “Sea level is for sissies.” If that is true, then I spent seven glorious days as the biggest sissy you can possibly imagine. AND….. I liked it.Don’t get me wrong, part of the reason I enjoy sea level as much as I do is living at 5700 feet. I love coming down and breathing that plentiful air, cruising up hills and basically shaking it out a… Read More »Sea Level is For…..

More Evidence of the Power of VISUAL!

In a recently written blogpost, social media guru Jeff Bullas wrote of the importance of visual content to Facebook (and other online venues) success. The article can be found at . Very good stuff. This is and isn’t news.It is news because of the statistical evidence found pertaining to the power of visuals in garnering attention on Facebook. Bullas says, “Videos are Shared 1,200 percent more than links and and text posts combined. Photos are liked… Read More »More Evidence of the Power of VISUAL!

Alberto Salazar for President!

The Olympics have come and gone and the world seems to be back to its usual divided self. And when I say “the world” what I really mean is all parts of the world: countries and countries, people and people. No better example of this has been the spewing from both sides of the political spectrum since the choosing of Paul Ryan over the weekend. Frankly, I’ve had it.The Olympics… Read More »Alberto Salazar for President!

Curly Meets Sweet Baby James

As I ponder my existence and periodically search for meaning in this wild and crazy world, I seek guidance from the philosophical Masters of the universe. Normally, I seek the wisest of council from The Most Interesting Man in the World. In this case I look elsewhere. My two Masters are Curly, the hardened cowboy in the movie City Slickers and James Taylor, singer/songwriter. Interestingly, Curly gives enlightenment for  the… Read More »Curly Meets Sweet Baby James