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July 2011

Market Piggy A Problem

It’s just a toe. The big one; the “this little piggy went to market” one.  It’s just a toe and it shouldn’t be able to bring down a big boy like me, robbing what was supposed to be a 60+ mile week. But it did! Yesterday I stubbed my right big toe. At the time, it hurt, but I certainly didn’t think it was of a magnitude to be a… Read More »Market Piggy A Problem

Teachers Make the Worst Students!

In the last month, I have had the pleasure of attending five different classes taught by as many instructors. Over my lifetime, I have understood several lessons that have served me well in specific times: salespeople make the worst buyers, doctors make the worst patients and teachers make the worst students. Let’s make something clear. By “worst,” I don’t mean terrible-people worst. I mean picky, high standard, challenging worst. In… Read More »Teachers Make the Worst Students!

Racing the Mayans

I was updating my log today and it dawned on me that by September I will surpass 97,000 miles for my running career. If I meet this years goal of 2700, by the end of year I will be sitting at about 97,750 and change. Why does this matter? I’ll tell you. Authors disagree about what humankind should expect on Dec. 21, 2012, when the Maya’s “Long Count” calendar marks… Read More »Racing the Mayans

Not Snakes, Nice Guys and Captain Kangaroo

My run this morning was highlighted by these guys to the left. In a year when I have seen far more snakes than almost any type of critter (are snakes critters?), it was great to see these fine young deer teenagers. they were close enough to almost touch and were not, in any way, shape or form put on edge because of my presence. This sighting capped off three interesting… Read More »Not Snakes, Nice Guys and Captain Kangaroo

It’s So Good We Use it Ourselves!

After a meeting today at the Colorado Association of Realtors, I trekked over to the Park Meadows Mall for a few minutes. As per usual when I make a mall appearance, I cruised my way over to the Apple store to poke around. Two observations: 1) While most of the stores at the mall were desperate for traffic, the Apple store was PACKED! The reasons for this are moderately obvious:… Read More »It’s So Good We Use it Ourselves!