July 2011

Teachers Make the Worst Students!

In the last month, I have had the pleasure of attending five different classes taught by as many instructors. Over my lifetime, I have understood several lessons that have served me well in specific times: salespeople make the worst buyers, doctors make the worst patients and teachers make the worst students. Let’s make something clear. By “worst,” I don’t mean terrible-people worst. I mean picky, high standard, challenging worst. In… Read More »Teachers Make the Worst Students!

It’s So Good We Use it Ourselves!

After a meeting today at the Colorado Association of Realtors, I trekked over to the Park Meadows Mall for a few minutes. As per usual when I make a mall appearance, I cruised my way over to the Apple store to poke around. Two observations: 1) While most of the stores at the mall were desperate for traffic, the Apple store was PACKED! The reasons for this are moderately obvious:… Read More »It’s So Good We Use it Ourselves!