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October 2017

Blogging: Being Roseanne Roseannadanna

As often happens in a course where we touch on technology, the other day I mentioned blogging as a way to reach people, share, and establish expertise. Then, as often happens, I asked who had a blog. As per usual, about a third of the hand rose. Then came the next obvious question, how many of you post regularly? One hand remained. Unfortunately, that is “the usual.” So, why blog? Does… Read More »Blogging: Being Roseanne Roseannadanna

Putting On Our Big Boy Pants

I have put off this latest post for what seems like FOREVER. This was going to be a post about my Hot Chocolate 15K (a good run), my turnaround on the butt thing (how my fave guy, Pete Emerson gave me the cure), and some Chicago Marathon thoughts. I also figured I’d include some pre NYC Marathon thoughts. It’s not, however, going to be about any of those things. Today, I… Read More »Putting On Our Big Boy Pants