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June 2015

Ankle Magnet: Log Week of June 22

Ankle Magnet If you look at it, it’s not a big deal. When I was younger and ran faster, it happened more often. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had it happen in, gosh, maybe ten years. Unfortunately, it’s back: the ankle magnet is back.The initial occurrence (and it only takes ONE) was on Friday’s long run on the East/West Regional trail in Douglas County. I was moving down a fairly steep decline and… Read More »Ankle Magnet: Log Week of June 22

Eliminate Mortgage Insurance

Would you consider refinancing if your mortgage is only two or three years old and the rate is not considerably higher than what is currently available on new loans? Because you may be able to eliminate the mortgage insurance and have significant monthly savings. Many homes have seen their values rise in the past few years. The current loan-to-value ratio may be low enough to no longer require mortgage insurance.… Read More »Eliminate Mortgage Insurance

Nothing Special: Just miles Week of June 15

I wish there were something cool or unique to report from this past week. I mean, I suppose it’s good that I got in 70 miles. Mostly though, it was just a week of run, run, run. Work, work, work.The day’s mileage went 6, 14, 11, 9, 7, 12, 11 = 70. Ran a couple times in Colorado Springs, but they were runs on the Pikes Peak Greenway, not anything… Read More »Nothing Special: Just miles Week of June 15

PNS: A Nipple Problem Runner’s Log June 8-14

You didn’t really think you were getting a nipple pic, did you? After living through bad hamstrings and falling off ladders, I was anticipating a nice, safe 60+ mile week. It began, just that way. I felt pretty good the first four days racking up a not so impressive 29 miles. Then Friday hit.I had decided to head out into a very light sprinkle. The weather dudes and dudettes claimed… Read More »PNS: A Nipple Problem Runner’s Log June 8-14

Where Have All the Sellers Gone?

Low inventories resulting in multiple offers are contributing to what experienced agents are calling the most challenging market they’ve ever worked. While buyers with resources may find the market difficult, purchasers with minimum cash and credit are struggling to find and get into a home. First-time buyers feel the impetus to purchase because they’re renting and are concerned about being priced out of the market with rapidly appreciating prices and… Read More »Where Have All the Sellers Gone?

Imogene Pass Run and the Woods Call: June 1 – 7

Somehow I ran 50 miles this week. I’m not completely sure how. After the ladder incident (I guess falling off of a ladder counts as an incident) and then moving boxes, furniture and everything for my Brother, there wasn’t a single day in which I didn’t feel injured. Nonetheless, it is complete. The only real highlight was Thursday. I meant to run an easy four in the Cherry Creek State… Read More »Imogene Pass Run and the Woods Call: June 1 – 7

Bolder Boulder Week: 2015 (A Race Report?)

HE 169, not HC 169 Because my running week begins with Monday, Bolder Boulder week begins with, well, the Bolder Boulder. I didn’t really decide to run until Saturday, but didn’t consider that any kind of an extra burden (other than financial as it cost more money). My “racing,” at this point, is purely for atmosphere and ambiance. Certainly not results.Post time was 8:15 am, so about 7:30 ish the… Read More »Bolder Boulder Week: 2015 (A Race Report?)