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September 2018

Kipchoge: The GOAT

Eliud Kipchoge and Coach Patrick Sang This morning, in Berlin Germany, Eliud Kipchoge broke the world record for 26 miles, 385 yards: the marathon. He ran 2 hours, 1 minute, 39 seconds. Roughly an average of 4:37 per mile for the distance. For Kipchoge, it was the only obstacle left in his unbelievable career. And also, the only obstacle that kept him from being seen as the Greatest Marathoner Of… Read More »Kipchoge: The GOAT

I Don’t Know Morgan James…. But Maybe I Do

It’s true. I don’t know Morgan James. Or, maybe I do. I actually MET her last night in Parker, CO after her stellar 90 minute singing performance. But know her? Probably not. Or, maybe I do. I first “met” Morgan James on youtube about two years ago, sort of by accident. I was in a Joni Mitchell sort of mood (even us boys get there every once in a while),… Read More »I Don’t Know Morgan James…. But Maybe I Do