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December 2016

It’s Monday Moaning: Gotta vs. Wanna

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Around America, it is Monday Moaning (I’m mean morning, well, I really mean moaning). Until at least noon today, workers everywhere will beMOAN the fact that it’s back to work, back to the office, back to everything. This behavior will manifest itself through the use of one contraction: gotta. “I gotta go in today.” “I gotta go to sales meeting.” “I gotta meet with clients.” tells us that the… Read More »It’s Monday Moaning: Gotta vs. Wanna

Quick Hit #1 Surgery is a PERSON, not a procedure.

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Three days ago, I had knee surgery. We’re not talking brain surgery, heart transplant, separating conjoining twins: knee surgery…..scope job. Not a big deal, right? Except to me. You see, I have never had surgery before AND this surgery was strictly done with one thing in mind: to enable me to run again without significant discomfort, because, I am a runner. I’ve run for fifty years. The only thing I… Read More »Quick Hit #1 Surgery is a PERSON, not a procedure.