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June 2017

110,000 Milestone and Magnolia Part 2

110,000 miles Around the world almost five times Today, on an uneventful, but incredibly HOT run in Chandler, AZ (101 degrees at the run’s beginning), I passed 110,000 miles. I’m not bragging, of course, but that’s almost five times around the Earth at the equator. The journey that began 50 years, 10 months, and 16 days ago has hit another milestone. While I am proud of this milestone, I would like to… Read More »110,000 Milestone and Magnolia Part 2

Feeling Groovy. Six Months Down, YEARS to go!

Bolder Boulder 2017 June 1 was the six month surgery-versary for my knee. Better than that, it marks about six weeks of consistent running. Nothing incredible, mind you, just a steady flow of extremely slow miles run in fear of the next step.Yeah, it’s true. The last six weeks have been run in a constant fear that the next step would be the one that caused SERIOUS knee damage. That,… Read More »Feeling Groovy. Six Months Down, YEARS to go!