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My Buddy

Went for a nice run the other day in the Cherry Creek State Park. While running a trail near the creek, I startled a doe coming around a bend. She gave me a look and ran into the high bushes. When I got to her space (even deer have space, you know) there was her boyfriend (pictured) giving me the evil eye roughly 30 feet away. With him being a… Read More »My Buddy

Am I serious?

Am I serious? Sometime early tomorrow morning, I’ll pass the 2000 mile mark for the year’s running. There will be no balloons, or bands and Ann Wessling won’t be cheering me in the last fifty yards. Chances are, in fact, I won’t be completely sure when it happens, I’m most often drifting in and out of some pretty profound thoughts during  runs. I will know this: I have had a… Read More »Am I serious?

Bruce Denton and Me

Feeling a bit under the weather today and had this conversation:                  Other person: “You ran five miles today. But, you’re sick.”       Me: “How else will I get better. Worst part is that it’s Monday and I’m already behind for the week.” Reminded me of a scene from my favorite book, Once A Runner. Chapter 6, Bruce Denton. “On a rainy day in November he was so sick… Read More »Bruce Denton and Me

Evil Training Log

Something about a long run that gets me excited – even a little nervous. This morning I’ll be off for what will amount to a 14 mile jaunt down the Cherry Creek path to downtown Denver. It will be equal to my long run in this training block. For a bit over a year now, I have constructed my longer runs to begin in the Denver Tech Center, head down… Read More »Evil Training Log

Wimpy? Run Log 4

Supposed to go 9, only went 6.  Theoretically, there is a plan in motion geared towards a successful running of the Napa Valley Marathon in March. So far the plan has gone fairly well (with the minor exceptions of still being too fat and too slow). We (that’s my legs and me) are up to 60 miles this week. We’ve added some drills and accelerations and continue negative splitting the… Read More »Wimpy? Run Log 4

You Gotta Wanna!

Today is one of those days. It looks cold, snow is falling and the wind is blowing it parallel to the ground. I don’t wanna run. But when I finish these paragraphs. I will head upstairs, properly layer and head out for 7 or 8 miles. Why you ask? I’ll tell you…. I wanna more than I don’t wanna. George Carlin once said that Catholic priests made wanna a sin,… Read More »You Gotta Wanna!

The Road Less Traveled???

It turned as it does every year, abruptly. One day you’re running in shorts and a T-Shirt and the next it’s tights, long sleeves and a vest. I could have gone either way this morning. After 11 miles yesterday, I could have easily ignored that The Plan called for an easy 6 today and substituted with 3 or 4 OR even a treadmill run. But nope, not today. When the… Read More »The Road Less Traveled???

Run Log 2

I’m suitably jazzed. Ran 48 miles last week, had a fantastic 12 mile run Saturday and watched hours and hours of the New York City Marathon yesterday. I’ve run 15 marathons in my day and ran New York in 1993, 94 and 98. I have to admit, it’s an incredible experience AND a logistical masterpiece. How Mary Wittenberg and her team can orchestrate such an event is beyond what I… Read More »Run Log 2

Me Dat!

I’ve been in New Orleans for less than 24 hours and I received my first “who dat?” I was running down St. Peter near Royal Street and some random guy cleaning in front of an establishment of questionable morals (the establishment not the guy. not judging, though), said “Yo, who dat, man?” I returned proudly with, “me dat!” And I speak for a living……. Oh well, I have the rest… Read More »Me Dat!

Boston 2012 or Bust!

At the ripe old age of 48, roughly ten and a half years ago, I qualified for the Boston Marathon. In ran 3:10:33 at the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati and proceeded to lose my focus and run WELL over that in Boston 2001. Over a decade later, it’s time for redemption. Last night, after much deliberation, I committed to the Napa Valley Marathon on March 6, 2011 – eighteen… Read More »Boston 2012 or Bust!